Got my author copies of my latest adventure for the fantasy RPG "The Fantasy Trip."

I wrote a trio of small no-mechanics RPG encounters today.

Well, wrote the first in my head last night, the second in my head while walking my dog, then got those into text editor and swiftly came up with a third.

First public model rocket launch of the year tomorrow! It is an open event that Oregon Rocketry runs as outreach. It is always fun seeing families get into the hobby.

Hoping the rain doesn't scrub it.

I'm going to try to finish dinner and such early so I can get in a bunch of TV tonight. Bad Batch, Moon Knight, maybe Picard too!

Saving the new Trek premiere episode for tomorrow.

Polished a short RPG adventure manuscript. Got it under the maximum wordcount for the format.

Fleshed out some NPC descriptions; one of them is now a WOC, because why not.

Completed and submitted a tiny RPG adventure, complete with maps.

RPG authors who have self published:

Can you recommend a good guide for a) laying out a book, b) formatting it so it can be both a PDF or POD?

Adventure Fox is hiring for his next expedition.

Low pay, bad food, uncomfortable conditions, risk of ending up in the gut of uncharismatic megafauna. Chance of great fortune.

I'm told it helps to bring a mouse or vole to your interviews.

(If you've read my articles in "Hexagram," Chiabin figures in a couple of them.)

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I'm jealous of artists are cartographers who can post WIP for all to enjoy.

I'm not sure how disconnected pieces of an RPG adventure would go over, especially if they had spoilers.

But FWIW here is an early draft of a map of a super-continent, for a procrastination-ridden "The Fantasy Trip" adventure. (Known lands are to the right.)

Finished watching one of the National Parks nature docs that Barack Obama narrates and helped produced.

Really nicely photographed. Will watch more.

My latest game pubs:

Quick Quest Hill #5 "Black Top Hill," for Steve Jackson Game's "The Fantasy Trip."

An article -- a short adventure -- in SGame's zine for the same game, "Hexagram."

RPG things done today:

Video chat on Liz Danforth's Discord; olden days Tunnels & Trolls author Bear Peters showed up.

Wrote up the Big Shiny Prize for a "The Fantasy Trip" adventure I've been having trouble concluding.

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