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- I'm Stuart. Much better at listening quietly than posting.

Sometimes I half-write weird and wonderful games which require my brain in order to play.

I would love to own a dinosaur but I probably wouldn't be a responsible owner...

Lunchtime gladness - just read a decent pair of fantasy/litrpg novels that were even better for having an Ace main character and super diverse cast.

Also, my Swedish class covered gender neutral pronouns alongside more "traditional" ones.

Latest game-orientated fiddling - you are a group of heroes summoned by the Cinnamon Fairy to save the World of Confection from the evil Gummy Drop Plague. I may have also jotted down the phrase "Soda Genies"...

So I've spruced up "Best of F#iends" - my attempt to create a stripped down game for messy teen dramas (think CW network, Veronica Mars, Pretty Little Liars &c.) to have a little more going on - if you're interested, you can grab it here:

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The new Indie RPG Pipeline is live!
(link: theindierpgpipeline.blogspot.c)
Through the Pipeline, I look to help spread the word of new indie tabletop roleplaying games being released and going into crowdfunding. You can follow by blog, rss feed or by daily email digest.

Nothing gave me as much clarity that the vacation was needed as having a torrent of game-ideas after a drought of almost a year.

Now I just need to get it all down organised and find people who want to explore such weird ideas with me...

Whilst on vacation a couple of weeks ago I had thoughts on several game projects:
- A cosy mystery game starring a Romance Author (which I mentioned earlier)
- Apocalypse Coffee - a game which balances working in a coffee shop, life and preventing the end of the world
- A "B Side" game to "Gracie & the Sunbeams" about what happens when you're no longer famous
- A collection of mini/solo games and tweaks to existing projects

Ideally, the tension will come, not from uncovering secrets but how to help everyone in a fashion that truly helps (almost like DitV in that sense).

Lunchtime thought - a cosy mystery style RPG starring a Romance Author who creates Happy Endings for the other principles rather than solving murders. That is, a game based on the premise, what if Jessica Fletcher wrote Romance rather than Mystery

The last of these, which happened this week (or so), is set in not-America, where said magic is (officially) forbidden. But, more importantly, includes Powerful Deities running around (as opposed to the original three which have a bit more of an Enlightenment feel).

The first three of these games I put together a while ago and focuses on a not-Europe (and not-Near East). With a magic system based around vaguely Demonic Metals.

How do people feel about strange one-shot PbtA fantasy games set in I-can't-believe-it-isn't-the-18th-Century? Ones with odd Magic systems (totally not cribbed from elsewhere)? How do people feel about four of them linked in strange/fun ways? Find 'em here:

Anyone have links to Stockholm(ish) based Roleplayers? I properly moved to the City a month ago and miss pretending to be someone I'm not. (References available upon request)

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with Jacqueline Sanders continues with titianic lifeforms and crashed scientists at One Shot Saturday.

Let's imagine for a moment, a Cottage, once in the shadows of the woods, now in suburbia.

In this cottage live three Sisters (because it's always three) - Sister Moon & Stars, Sister Wind and Sister Darkness.

Petitioners come from all over to ask advice and favours of them and they each according to their own bans and strictures answer in their way.

Who might visit them? And what might they ask of these Women - ancient and powerful?

Extra dice (for poor rollers) available for a small fee. Additional customisation options (including top hats!) unlockable in game or by subscription.

Hey! You like Off-brand Shadowrun right? How about a micro-rpg which pushes the elements of the cyberpunk future that I love:

Questions are framed such as:
"War - The Legions march onwards, the direction irrelevant compared to who commands them, what their fortunes are and how you are required to support them."
Hopefully, this will help position the family rivalries in a larger context and paint a situation beyond the control of any of the characters...

Scenes switch between Dramasystem/Malandros style character scenes, and larger, oracle driven scenes that prompt questions and answers about the broader situation.

Noodling about with a game of family politics set against a background inspired by the colonisation attempt by the Romans of Carthage a mere 25 yrs after they razed the city to the ground.

Best of F#iends -

Monsters & Metaphors using a smushing together of "World of Dungeons" and "Monsterhearts". Designed for One-Shots of Overly Dramatic Teenage Melodrama...

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