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The Herb Witches expansion for The Quacks of Quedlinburg

Find out what you get with this expansion and what we thought of each of the new additions to Quacks a fantastic, push-your-luck, bag builder.

Congratulations Xanthe W!

The winner of our Scooby-Doo Escape from the Haunted Mansion giveaway!

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Check out Episode 176 of the Tabletop Bellhop Gaming Podcast on YouTube.

Inspired by Gail Simone we talk about great easy to learn, quick-to-play, two-player games for playing over morning tea. We also review the Herb Witches for The Quacks of Quedlinburg and More!

The Herb Witches Review on the Blog

I share my thoughts on the first expansion for The Quacks of Quedlinburg which ups the player count, introduces new ingredients, gives you new recipes for old ingredients, adds once-per-game abilities and more!

Where to start with D&D 5e?

Tomorrow night Sean and I will be highlighting all of the different D&D Starter Sets that are out there as well as a free option.

Join us live at 9pm Eastern at for that discussion and more!

Only two days left (today and tomorrow) to enter our Scooby-Doo Escape from the Haunted Mansion giveaway!

Scythe -

Check out what you get in this big box engine building game from Stonemaier Games

New Podcast Episode
The Tabletop Bellhop Gaming Podcast Episode 176 -

We talk about quick, easy, but fun two-player games you can enjoy with your morning tea, or in our case coffee.

After that, we review The Herb Witches expansion for The Quacks of Quedlinburg, one of our favourite games.

We wrap up with a short week in review with some video game talk, unboxings and a box insert build.

25 Great

Inspired by Gail Simone, we share a list of our favourite tea time board, tile, and card games.

Great games to play over your morning cup of tea (or in our case coffee).

Check it out:

Come join us for Sunday Brunch with the Bellhop.

We are lie now!

In this unscripted YouTube live show Sean and I talk all things geeky and gaming and interact with the fine folk in the chat.

New on YouTube

Charterstone from Stonemaier Games

Check out our thoughts on Charterstone after finishing the full campaign and even trying a game after we were finished.

Underwater Cities from Rio Grande Games

Check out what you get in the box with this engine-building board game that many people like to compare to Terraforming Mars

On tonight's live podcast recording, we are going to be talking about our favourite , inspired by Gail Simone

We go live at 9pm Eastern at

Head over there now and follow, so you will get notified when we go live!

New Review on the Blog!

Charterstone from Stonemaier Games

I waited until we finished the enter twelve-game campaign and tried playing with our finished copy of the game as well before writing up this review.

Read on to find out if it was worth it...

Let Your Hair Down AMA and Charterstone Review

Tabletop Bellhop Gaming Podcast Ep 175

AMA topics include: The best superhero RPG, engaging with publishers and designers, updated thoughts on Azul, Pillars of the Earth, our successes and failures, and more!

Also, a detailed review of Charterstone and first thoughts on Revolution of 1828

Check out the video from our last AMA

Topics include the best Superhero RPG, working with designers and publishers, reviews vs. previews, updated thoughts on Azul, the Pillars of the Earth board game, our biggest successes and failures, and more!

I plan on doing some boardgame Unboxing videos later today. This will include Scythe, Pret-a-Porter and probably more.

I should be going live around 5pm (Eastern)

After that I'm going to live build the Folded Space Clans of Caledonia insert.

You can join me at:

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Fair, I thought it was worth a shot.

I'm wide but I guess not that wide.

I've bought the same pare of shoes over and over for like 15 years now.

I just go back to my local New Balance and confirm that I want the same thing as last time.

Our Hellbringer Preview is Live on YouTube!

Check out what we thought of this card-driven rogue-like that was inspired by digital games like Diablo.

This is one you are going to want to watch, find out why here:

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