15 Board Games That Are Better Than They Look

In this article, I highlight fifteen games I love but that didn't impress me at all visually when I first saw them. These are games that are easy to overlook due to the way they look.

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@TabletopBellhop I'll have to disagree on terraforming mars, I find it both ugly and horrible to play 😅

it has a large fan base, so I am probably the outlier with that opinion.

Draconis invasion is really intriging, I will check it out.
Thank you for sharing


It took us a couple of plays to get into Terraforming Mars, but after that we fell in love. It was the most played game in my collection before COVID hit.

@TabletopBellhop I might give it another go one day, if someone manage to convince me to play it again.

Or I might play Ares project and see if it clicks.
Did you play Ares proejct?

No I have not. We stopped buying FryxGames games.

It sounds really good though as we love Race for the Galaxy.

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