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Early on in "The Hobbit", Tolkien briefly mentions that, before she married Bungo Baggins, Bilbo's mother Belladonna Took would go on wild adventures with her two "remarkable" sisters.

I think that would be a prequel I'd be interested in seeing.

So after months of waffling and griping and never writing anything down, I have a rough outline for a game using the Genesys Dice as a core mechanic.

Now if I can just figure out how to get the symbol fonts in google docs.

session 1 BW went pretty well last night, but we ran out of time and one of the players didn't get a scene and I feel kinda bad about it.

Born Middle-Class > Student > College Dropout > Welder/Fabricator > Machinist > Student

Skill Points in General Sciences, Welding, machining, Fabrication, CAD/CAM software, Drafting, GMing, Theorycrafting, Blueprint-wise, Layman's-Science-Wise, TTRPG-wise, Boardgame-wise

Traits: Scrawny, Needs Glasses, Science Minded, Work Ethic, Pile of Nerves, Curious, Emotional Cripple

Has anyone done a Sci Fi hack of BW? Would anyone be interested in such a thing? It feels like a lot of work, but it also feels like it could work.

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This is just a little noise about how cool I think @stras is: so cool.

@stras May I ask what ever happened to Stardancers?

@johnharper So. Uhm. I've been using the really handy list of names in the back of BitD for my Scum and Villainy game for several weeks now. I was going to thank you for that, but only just now did I actually read the side bar and realize that it's a list of kickstarter backers. So thanks to your kickstarter backers, I guess?

I should be doing GM prep but instead I'm sitting here worrying. I have been helping high school students with math in the evenings here and there and I might have to tell someone's mom that they're too far behind for me to help. My lack of credentials is showing: things go pretty well when the kid is on board, but I don't know how to bring them around when they're so far behind they've mentally "checked out" of the subject matter.

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In today's game, we spent the entire session in free play acquiring the next score and planning it out. We ended on the opening scene after the engagement roll. I am so excited for next week.

I think I have a bad habit of watching a game on twitch, and then really wanting to play that game. but not so much the system as that specific game, which basically just sets me up for disappointment wheb I set up my own group.

Think of something suddenly while falling asleep. Pace around too energized with thinking about the idea that I never write anything down. Finally fall asleep, wake up thinking it was a dumb idea. Repeat again in 3 weeks.

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I enjoy being a , but I won't have game time until the new year, most likely. :(

I've been looking around for a Burning Wheel collection of NPC stat blocks. Also considering just burning a pile of my own for rando village folk, like blacksmith, tavern keeper, village gossip, midwife, etc.

And now the Mechanic is starting a long term project to invent a personal teleporter.

My Scum and Villainy crew just broke into a High Security Research station for the Guild of Engineers, and got out. Scott free. 0 heat. So many sixes were rolled. tier 1 vs tier 5 and they took candy from a baby.

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