My number 1 desire for Mastodon (and how I assumed it worked when I started ) is that I could take my account with my to different instances. So if dice.camo is federated to I wish I could post on as tom@dicecamp and only have the toot appear on

Number 2 desire is that I could follow users from other instances in a mega feed.

@Tom re number 2 perhaps I'm misunderstanding what you mean by mega feed but you can follow users from other instances!

@Tom I'm pretty sure #2 is how it already works? I follow lots of people from other instances.

(Best way to start this is watching the "federated" feed for interesting people.)

Yeah I realise this now lol

The fedorated feed is a bit too chaotic for me, in the end the solution might be too make dummy accounts in fedorated instances and follow good accounts from there on my main.

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