Other than being a great game in its own right Kingdom Death is a fantastic source for miniatures, especially the great stuff which came out with the new revision. Sadly I never got the chance to buy the game because of $$$.

Image Source:

Kickstarter which includes a huge list of minis:

@Tom I can't paint worth a damn, so I never backed it (and, yeah, quite pricey). But I've heard rumors that there's going to a be a cheaper version of KD with lower-quality pre-painted minis, and if so, I'm going to be all over that.

@gorehound where'd you hear that from? I wouldn't hold my breath unless it came from Poots :p

@Tom You're right, of course. I did some digging, and the only thing I can find is that there's a miniature-less version that some people have picked up for $100 to $150 at gaming events. Not available through standard retail. A few of these people printed up standees in lieu of minis (which is definitely the approach I'd take). So I guess that's what I'm hoping to stumble across at some point.

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