@jskellogg job applications friggin suck my dude.

Matt Corville's Strongholds and Followers is looking so good it might drive me to actually run a DnD game

I personally don't know what I'm looking for before I see it. Generally whatever Goblin Punch and The Alexandrian put out, I could binge their blogs for hours (and I have).

Actually there's a point, what kind of content are people really crying out for in the rpg space? Every man and his dog has an actual play podcast rn.

@craigmaloney @robertbohl I believe the direct messages are viewable by instance admins btw, so just keep that in mind when sharing sensitive info.

If I was to write up a report on my session two of Lady Blackbird that went over what prep I did before the session and how I used it during the game would anyone be interested in reading it?

Getting very excited about running a game of Torchbearer for my IRL friends. Will be very different to my usually handwavey games like DW, Blackbird and Blades.

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Once I move and actually have space next year I seriously want to run a short campaign of torchbearer. I'm super excited to try something super heavy and crunchy since I usually play incredibly light narrative games.

All my prep work payed off because the second session I ran of Lady Blackbird was *excellent*. I can't get over how lucky I was to randomly be playing with 3 great roleplayers, one of which is totally new to the hobbt.

The number one thing holding Mastodon back is that making sense of the fedoverse it is all a bit too hard.

And of course my trusty notecards to help me out during play. I should write one with names for NPCs.

Here's the plan for how I'm going to start my session two of . I'm really happy with how these leading questions turned out, ending with a tense starting point to the game.

Now I just need to remember to prebake a description for descending into the depths and come up with some difficulty scores and I think we're going to have a really good game!

Running session 2 of Lady Blackbird is a bit funny but it should be fine tomorrow ^_^

@corvidae Perilous Wilds for Dungeon World has rules around finding "discoverys" (as opposed to "dangers) and you can roll on a series of very nice random tables. You're heavily encouraged to stop rolling on the tables when you have enough inspiration.

@dzuk how are you accessing masto? I have Tusky and Mastolab on my phone and Mastolab consistently takes half a day longer to get notifications.

Mastodon is just a public discord instance

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