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Soaking of Hamilton, something I'd love to capture in a game I've day is their absolute conviction that what they're doing is historically important.

"history has its eyes on you"

Each character is obsessed with legacy and can feel the weight of future generations judging them.

I'd love to play or run a game that had the same getting as the first half of Hamilton. Quiet discussions in bars and back ally's of revolution, working together to insight revolt amount the people and trying to infiltrate the power structures.

I haven't read or played the old Vampire in like ten years. Is it.... Still good?

Getting a bit serious: how do people find the energy to be creative in the evening after doing a day of work in an office?

Why I'm not entirely happy with DW:

I really liked Matt Covils vision of WestMarches where the game gets harder the further out you go and that you need to progress to take on these challenges.

Although it can be a strength, DW has a reasonably flat power curve so I'm not sure how much progression there is.

There's also going to be pressure on me as the DM to reign in my narrative tendencies when I run the game as when running a shared campaign there needs to be an actual shared reality.

DnD 5e

This was a close one because it's the game I know everyone knows. Sadly though, I've never played it and from outside it seems impenetrable to run at scale.

Honestly if someone made a good case to me about why DnD is perfect for West Marches I would probably flip over to it.

Beyond The Wall

The Further Afield expansion is truely wonderful and I'll definitely be borrowing from it. Sadly though with only four classes I wasn't sure that the players would be able to destinguish themselves from each other meaningfully mechanically. I also felt that a lot of the gold in this systems was the meta rules around character creation and the Further Afield travel rules. I can use those meta rules in a different system I like more.

Torchbearer: too complex to teach randoms and too expensive for me to assume they'll buy the book and teach themselves (sorry). Also I'm unsure how long distance travel meshes with short distance dungeon crawls.

I really wanted this one to work but it wasn't practical.

Ive been having game systems running through my head all night and at the end I think the best system for me is Dungeon World, just because I've run it the most and it's the one I'm the most confident with.

Here a list of rejected systems:

Reading through Torchbearer with the intent of running a West Marches game in it and frankly it looks too hard to teach people on the night. Id love to give it a go with a dedicated group but I don't think I can do it with a West Marches style PUG.

More of my Blades hack Swords in the Sunlight has been written. I think I need to throw myself into private playtesting now, with the expectation that a lot of stuff won't work in the goal of finding if the soul of the game is worthwhile.

To me it feels like there isn't a general hub of RPG discussions. There's this, there's r/rpg and then there's what? Following the right people on Twitter?

What other Mastodon instances have nice or interesting communities like

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Hey artists! I'm looking to hire someone to do some illustrations for a based on shonen battle anime (minus the sexism). If that sounds like your style, show me your portfolio and we'll talk details.

Wrote the first part of my first rpg today and it's a Blades hack about community building and healing. I think there's something here.

Sorry for the absence, I wiped my phone and never got around to signing back in. If you want my non rpg tweets I'm on the terrible bird site as @aofanla

After running so much Blades in the Dark and I'm keen to finally be a player tonight. I wonder how different it will feel on the other side of the table.

From bird site: "JASON STATHAM'S BIG VACATION is a free roleplaying game about trying to make sure that Jason Statham has a nice time on his holidays despite the efforts of a vengeful sniper. Get the pdf here:"

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