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Does anyone know the an rpg with a name like "Two Goblin Soldiers"? It's a 2 player no GM game about two goblin scouts who are on a long patrol together and slowly open up emotionally to each other in a world that doesn't usually allow it? It was written in a twitter thread.

The podcast Fear the Boot is amazing btw. I feel like it never gets talked about these days but that team has been putting out amazing gaming advice for over a decade. I can't recommend them enough.

I played Unknown Armies a few months ago as a player in a one shot with strangers. I didn't read the rule book myself but the setting as described seemed a bit voyeuristic of people who have mental health problems.

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I very seriously need to come up with a better sorting method for my RPG campaign material. Right now it's shard between 3 notebooks and a couple google docs.

If you wanna see my more casual content I'm over on tumblr as "ghostoftom".

So I've realised that one of my players doesn't trust GMs, not because of anything I've done it's just how he plays. So he's always trying to set up actions to beat the game without telling me what the end goal is which is, a bit frustrating for everyone? Not sure how to get him to realise I'm on his side other than going with it for a bit.

After like four weeks of both games cancelling in a row. Will I actually.... play an rpg today?

Lmao @ my player who's shocked at how short the Lady Blackbird rules are. Let me show you the world of easy to play RPGs.

(This dude has only played DnD and Shadowrun)

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Annison's Second Rule of RPGs for players and GMs: "The point of a secret is to fling it in another PC's face at the most dramatic moment."

Getting ready to flip a coin to decide which Pathfinder edition I'm going to insist is the better one for the next five years.

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My Tuesday GM fell through so I'll be running a zero prep game of Lady Blackbird. I'm excited (but also miffed haha)

My Tuesday GM fell through so I'll be running a zero prep game of Lady Blackbird. I'm excited (but also miffed haha)

Last game I improvised that the party had a mountain to climb to complete a cleansing ritual because I was totally unprepared for them to attempt to free the spirit trapped in a sword instead of just looting it.

I had an idea that each character would have to beat a challenge tailored to them but I think I'm going to fast forward that as much as possible so I can get to more plot.

I know it's not maintaining the fiction but I really don't mind just pretending that a character briefly phases out of existence when their player can't make the game for a night. It's easier than coming up with an explanation.

Everyone hold up. Why did nobody tell me that I'm the star of that Final Fantasy 15 movie?

Someone who cares, give me starting situation for the ten candles game I'm running in five hours and I'll tell your how it goes

Had a player cancel because of a work commitment so now we are transitioning over to a quick game of Ten Candles. I loooove having a back up.

For the first time in ages I'm running a weekly RPG and wow I am not used to consistently producing this much content.

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