Ran an awesome game last night. What a great time to be listening to @Judd talking about post session highs on Daydreaming About Dragon's!

I didn't realise it was as simple as this!

If anyone would like to have a free PDF of Mannerism, please take a look here! Numbers are limited.


I think that games should be more boring.

Not that I like boring. But I find that everyone wants to be interesting. And when people are interesting they put forth "concept" and concepts are great but they don't always mix well with everyone else's.

With proper communication we could find out who has strong concepts and be boring enough to support that within a game.

Inspectres does this well by suggesting that the players be generally boring to enhance the weirdness of the setting.

I'm running games for UK Games Expo (Saturday Only) but 2 of the 3 haven't sold any tickets yet. It stresses me out so much.
I'd sit there refreshing the page all day if I had my way.

Ended my torchbearer session in a suitably dramatic place. The players are in a very dangerous position but I don't think they realise it. Oh well, they have a week to realise the nature of the trap they are in.

Really excited for this evening's Torchbearer session. We're continuing with Bridge of the Damned with our ever shifting party full of guests players.

By the way, if anyone on here wants a copy of Mannerism please let me know and I'll get a PDF to you. I feel like I'm in esteemed company.

When I was at university I studied the behaviour of birds. The book suggested male birds could be Faithful or Philanderers. Faithful was harder work but could succeed scrutiny. Female birds could be Fast or Coy to mate. Fast meant that they didn't check the intentions of the male, for Coy they did, but they risked not getting a partner at all.

In this game there's an equilibrium that gets honed in on. A % of each strategy was used.

Our games could use this kind of interactivity. Any that do?

Hello, my name is Guy. I'm a game designer from the UK. I have a day job visiting construction sites and I have a family. I also like to perform on stage in the pantomime.

I like running games, more than I like playing them. I like games that are designed with a specific experience in mind and rules that support that vision.

I have designed a game called Mannerism (DTRPG) which resolves conflict through short player descriptions.

My most popular game is called Numberless Means (Itch.io).


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