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Blogs on Tape must be the best thing since sliced bread. I'm devouring these like there is no tomorrow. So much good -writing.

Can't schedule to play with a group? Would rather have a never-ending conversation topic with your significant other that is not just daily upkeep and arguments? WELL, LUCKY YOU! I HAVE THE PERFECT THING! &d

This key makes Tower of the Stargazer nearly as easy to run as a one page dungeon. No more flipping through the book to find things except when you encounter something especially complicated. &D

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chicagowiz's Three Hexes series is really good for getting campaigns started and getting your planning juices flowing.

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My list of excellent free/PWYW products on DriveThruRPG is now up to over 90 entries (around 200 if you count entries that link to multiple products, like Fiasco playsets and Fate worlds).

It now represents about 3% of the 7,597 free/PWYW products available.

Thanks for all of the suggestions so far!