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Alright, I guess everyone’s doing the thing, so hi, I’m Andrew, and I imagine like a lot of you, I’m putting out feelers for an alternative to the bird app in light of recent news.

I’m a TTRPG nerd, amateur world builder, rabid podcast consumer, and metal (esp. prog/avant-garde, atmospheric black metal, funeral doom, post, other stuff that makes me a real drag at parties).

So, uh, hi. I’ll be trying to figure things out here.

Got any moons? How many? If the answer is not yes, one, roughly the same size and distance from my planet as earth’s moon, what does that say about the tides on your planet? While the moon isn’t the sole force on earth’s tides (and thus a moonless world won’t necessarily be tideless), it is the predominant one. More moons means your tides are likely to be complex to say the least, possibly delaying the development of seafaring

Alright, so for a system designed for heroic play, I’d approach this one of two ways.
1.) you’re the leaders of a group of refugees. Success or failure will be measured not by how many monsters you kill but on how many of your people arrive alive and well enough to prosper.
2.) encourage the players to play some form of mage in a region where magic use is punishable by death. They’re powerful but not enough to fight off the long arm of state if they show that power recklessly.

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This one probably won’t be immediately suited to a heroic fantasy situation, such as D&D, but I’ll post a comment underneath with an adaptation recommendation.

It’s not safe where you are. Maybe it once was, but those days are long gone. Whether it’s disaster (natural or artificial), religious or political persecution, or otherwise, it’s time to get out, past time really, but inertia is a hell of a drug. Regardless, it’s time to leave everything behind in pursuit of safety.

Going to go with a fundamentals today, why is this city here? What resources drew people to the area? Where’s the water? Is there something else that drew people to the area (maybe like a natural wonder or particularly pleasant climate leading to a resort town)?

@VestigialLung Sidenote about apocalypses, I highly recommend the podcast The Apocalist Book Club (yes list not lypse). 😊

On that, I'm about to reread Roadside Picnic

Spoilers for the Horizon series 

I directly alluded to fantasy above because that’s a genre where I’ve not seen this done before; whereas, given the reality of climate change, it’s easy to visualize a future where Earth has continued down that steady erosion of that which preserves life path, so it’s far from unheard of. The Horizon (particularly Forbidden West) series of video games are an excellent example of this done somewhat atypically in sci-fi, centering on a failing terraforming system.

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“This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper” - TS Eliot
Apocalypse stories are common, especially in fantasy. Going a bit more abstract than I usually do with these story hooks, but here goes:

The world is ending. No there’s no dark god rising, no cataclysmic event, just the steady erosion of that which preserved life. Every year is marginally worse than what came before, and unless something changes, we can kiss everything we’ve known goodbye.

No government exists without someone wanting radical change. So who’s trying to overthrow that government you just created? Because the morality of people and organizations are often messy, if you believe these revolutionaries have “good” moral ideas, what about them is not so great, or if you feel the particular revolutionary group is “evil”, what about them is respectable, if not something you could maybe get behind? How well is the group understood?

Two armies are on a collision course that appears likely to result in a major battle. While the cause of one army might be just, a settlement full of innocent civilians is positioned such that getting caught in the crossfire is all but inevitable. To make matters worse, the party has gotten word of a ritual that was conducted that will channel all loss of life sustained into summoning forth something terrible. This battle must be stopped, or at least moved.

Finally finished up this illustration of Dorian and everything that could've been in that masquerade ball episode

I can't believe I got from the sketch to final within like a week 💀

#Art #DigitalArt #MastoArt #CreativeToots #CriticalRole #CriticalRoleFanart

By the time you get to the point of describing a city, you’ve already made a lot of the decisions you need to make. You can just consult what you’ve already done to draw forth the evocative details that make a setting feel alive. I pulled all this from what we’re literally the first handful of worldbuilding decisions I made in creating this world: hot, river delta and swamp, nearby mountains.

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The region doesn’t have a ton of pasturable land, so cattle or other sources of the leather that’s ubiquitous in fantasy media are likely rare, maybe sheep, so light wool, silks, and linen would likely represent the bulk of what people would be wearing, and given how well the plants that make dyes grow in hotter regions, I imagine bright colors would not just be the domain of the wealthy.

Similarly, most spices grow well in such a climate, so the city would at all times be quite fragrant. [6/?]

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the wall construction I mentioned above, resulting in wraparound porches being common.

Roofs would not need a significant angle, as snow is basically a complete non-issue here, and given how strong stone is, I would imagine a significant part of the buildings would have flat decks on top of them. [5\?]

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I picture buildings mostly being single to two-stories due to the difficulties the wet ground presents when trying to make a stable foundation. Due to the heat and near-absence of winter, I picture granite structural composition with heavy use of lattice, wicker, or other materials that allow a breeze through.

Positioned a bit off the coast but still close, hurricanes are likely of some concern, so roofs would significantly overhang the walls, especially accounting for the openness of [4/?]

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material the way it would be in a more densely wooded region. Luckily the river the city is built along originates from a pretty extensive mountain range, and with the river being easily navigable at least as far as the city, stone would be fairly abundant. I hit on granite. Granite is great because it’s an excellent heat sink, which I can confirm living in the Southeastern US and it being 9000 degrees here and always wet, is important. [3/?]

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