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Technology is going to have a very defining quality on your world. Defining your tech level, possibly more than any other decision, will color your worldbuilding, whether it’s Stone Age or sci-fi. Though, nowhere is it written that tech progressed at an identical rate to earth tech, and several franchises have had fun with playing a little fast and loose with technology.

What invention in your world is a bit anachronistic for your world’s technology level?

@VestigialLung "Song of Eden" asserted that past a certain point, the math in a given field of hard science was beyond human capacity to understand, so limited-AI "oracles" do science. The result is the requantization drive that allows FTL travel, but no advanced force fields, gravity control, or similar expected spinoffs

@astralfrontier nice, so nearish term sci-fi as a base with a leapfrog on engine tech then?

@VestigialLung yep, and an easy way to either restrict troublesome tech, or introduce a new breakthrough. Ships use capacitors to drive thirsty FTL engines, then recharge at solar collector stations near big stars, or swap empty capacitors for full ones at friendly planets

@astralfrontier I like it; one of the more fun things for me in sci fi is the sort of backwater places that spring up, and in a universe like that, all manner of remote solar charging stations would spring up along trade routes, allowing people to quick swap capacitors on long routes.

@VestigialLung a further detail: because drive speed depends on your STL velocity, rockets are still needed, and ships slingshot around stars and the like to gain speed. As a result, plotting a course to a familiar destination might take you to unfamiliar systems, where you might experience engine trouble or other complications

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