Those who've followed me for awhile know that I've written RPG stuff for the Trophy system (Kickstarter live now!) Last night I had a chance to play a doomed treasure-hunter w/ @maenad and afterwords, wrote up the game experience, so if you've ever wondered what a game of Trophy Dark is like but never had the time/inclination to watch an Actual Play video, well... here you go:

So what does strength look like? This. Because collaboration fortifies weaknesses of an individual. Strength is rising above individual ego to stand for a common good.

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i also feel like rural life in general has been demonized for the fact of how things have twisted and turned for so long in capitalism and if a farm is "profitable" or not.
it doesnt matter how profitable you are when you can sustain yourself and help others when the whole "modern living" society collapses from over-consumption.
government subsidies can suck my ass with how theyve managed to bleed hard working people dry for the sake of profit.

CAA Stokes Memories of Partition

Since the word “Partition” has figured in the discourse on CAA the mind turns towards Maulana Kalam Azad, who was so fiercely opposed to the country’s division

The 30 precious pages of “India Wins Freedom” are must read.

Today's XKCD really captures the essence of diagnosing network issues. Yes, you must sacrifice a goat to the gateway router, and make sure you follow the SOP for that or you'll offend the ARP table and never see your data again.

Stealing this from Birdsite:

Boost this pic to upset transphobes.

today a young lady informed me that she used to carry a live centipede in her pocket to throw at people who were mean to her and i have never respected nor feared another human more ever in my life

For the three of you following me for my posts, bear in mind I'm running vanilla Java 1.14 in Survival mode, on Normal difficulty, in single player mode on my laptop. This is my first Minecraft survival world. I've been documenting some of it under and at wanderingbeekeeper.neocities.o. This has been your scheduled neepery for this hour. Thank you.

Two shots of my Nether portal, safely contained in a half-buried bunker. The chest by the stairs is for stuff coming back, like netherrack, the cobblestone of the Nether. The other chest has my Nether gear, armor with enchantments against fire and heavy protections, boots of feather falling IV, weaponry with Smite IV on the sword and Power IV/Infinity/Unbreaking III on the bow. Do not be cheap with your gear. I keep that suit put away until I'm ready to make the jump.

Image by tigerbarf, via The Body Is Not an Apology

"Your disability is the direct result of society's failure to accommodate the entire spectrum of human existence, NOT a flaw within you."

‘What is said when drunk has been thought out beforehand.’ FLEMISH PROVERB

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“Why are you so angry all the time?”

2019: Sophie Labelle's Assigned Male comic making a damn good point

@RobinHood just saw one of ur old toots on the grlcvlt insta lmao "dystopia is a white people word that means 'what if all that bad shit happened to us'"

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