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This came up in my music library this morning.

"They keep talking of the things they'd do if we'd only vote them in
One more dollar and all the bickering and suffering would end"

Yeah, Great Big Sea didn't believe it either.

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Hobby lobby citing their "pro life" religious beliefs to refuse giving their workers reproductive healthcare but also choosing to remain open during a plague is proof that their God is, and always was, the Almighty Dollar.

**Will coronavirus signal the end of capitalism?**

"The peasants' revolt after the 14th-century plague saw off feudalism. After COVID-19, will it be the turn of capitalism?"

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Pod 350-12566 Morning Report
Many adjustments to routines still under way to accommodate personnel addition. Day one work shift and recreational phases completed with some bumps. Comms tech being dispatched to address problems with data feed; initial diagnostics point to a fault in the ingress cable. Pod maintenance tasks need to be reallocated with proper signoff by all hands.

**US Navy relieves commander of coronavirus-hit ship over memo leak**

"Brett Crozier wrote a letter asking Navy leaders for stronger measures to control the outbreak on the aircraft carrier."

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"We are putting body, head and heart into developing immediate responses, but also to project a way out of this crisis that is not a return to wild capitalist normality, but a path to a different society."
- Indigenous, Afro-descendants and popular organizations of Latin America


Llamamiento de pueblos originarios, afrodescendientes y organizaciones populares de América Latina


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“Empty dwellings should be immediately seized to provide shelter for all people without housing. How can you quarantine if you don’t have a home? There are roughly 16 million vacant dwellings in the United States. Most of these units are owned by speculators and real estate firms that are essentially gambling on the housing market and fueling the gentrification boom in the process. Their financial interests must not be allowed to imperil public health.“

Spectrum, part of Charter Communications, has a VRU that is designed to prevent people from reaching a live agent, and to frustrate them badly enough they hang up instead of waiting on hold. The rah-rah their recording keeps reciting is so obviously bullshit I can feel my blood pressure rising.

**Fury in Kenya over police brutality amid coronavirus curfew**

"Growing calls for police to be held accountable for excessive violence used to enforce COVID-19-related restrictions."

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New content: Turning Point Station, where the Great Southern Railway turns southward and starts earning its name. wanderingbeekeeper.neocities.o

Pod 350-12566 Opening Report
Arrived 22:00 local last night. Slept in the rover for the overnight, emergency beds not comfortable but viable. Family unit is reunited as best as possible under the circumstances. Workspace has been set back up and shift is under way.

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I've made it to New York (not the city, the state) and have rejoined my family. I'll be here until the work by remote ends, which depends on the current crisis ending. Thank you to friends who go way above and beyond.

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