The Secretary of the Interior has ordered the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal Nation's reservation to be disestablished and their land be taken out of trust.

"...on the very day that the United States has reached a record 100,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus and our Tribe is desperately struggling with responding to this devastating pandemic -- the Bureau of Indian Affairs informed me that the Secretary of the Interior has ordered that our reservation be disestablished."

**Trump is prioritising the economy over the vulnerable**

"Reopening US businesses on April 12, as the US president proposes, is the wrong move."

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**Coronavirus lockdown: India grapples with migrant workers' exodus**

"Thousands flee New Delhi as the 21-day lockdown effectively puts workers living off daily earnings out of work."

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Reminder! Today's first-ever playtest of Dynamic Balances: , at 3pm US CT on BwK Discord, is public and open! Patrons get first dibs on the seats at the virtual table, then waitlisters, then anybody who shows up. Relevant comments from interested onlookers will be welcome. Come help me test drive this thing and get my act ready to take on the road!

today people in #berlin are protesting in solidarity with those stuck in camps, against capitalism and for open borders.

see images for some impressions.

there's also an occupation taking place.
more infos for that see here:
(they also do streaming)

Let it be the beginning.

As long there's people living in the street, and as long there're empty houses, it's the responsible of those that have the pysical and mental capacities, to claim back such spaces.

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Eidgah Camp Cleared, Delhi Violence Victims Homeless Again

"We have no home, no money. Where do we go?", ask Delhi violence victims who have been asked to leave the Mustafabad Eidgah relief camp due to #coronavirus fears

Report @MIAlam1981 & @nandyasmita

Heads up, Instacart workers planning a walkout starting Monday. They want the company to provide some basic protection like hand sanitizer/disinfectant wipes, hazard pay and an increase in the preset tip amount, and meaningful sick leave protections.

Pod 4788-37138 Evening Report
Transit window is confirmed and open. Launch preparations are being made. In T minus 85 hours, I will close down this pod and migrate to Pod 350-12566, rejoining my familial units for the duration of the current situation. This will require extensive voyaging through potentially hostile territory with a single associate in their electric rover. Travel rations are already partly secured, with final provisioning closer to the launch window.

The single player survival world presents the Matt Jefferies Nethergate Containment Facility. Note the safety fencing and markings, featuring my first practical use of glazed terracotta. I am somewhat amused that I'm using red and black glazed terracotta inlaid in the floor and red carpeting to mark operational zones and safety boundaries the way paint would be used on the floor of a hangar.

"We shouldn’t have to do any of this, but we can’t rely on prisons to respond to this crisis in ways that attend to people’s needs; prisons do not resolve, but rather produce and extend crisis."


@emsenn oh I see. I'd like that kind of culture because if nothing else talking about what people produce creates a social opportunity to let other people who may be interested in their work know about them. Right now people's actual work is viewed as secondary to their compensation from an employer for it (and I guess by extension, their ability to consume). Talking about people's personal projects lends them more significance and more people deserve that, like a community and a very good hackerspace environment. Consumption is so boring in comparison.

Maybe workers can get a little better at collective action—enough to give new strength and vitality to unions in the US—as the pressure to continue economic production is so much more immediately threatening public health.

Already the anti-worker policy decisions are piling up. Individual workers can't muster the resistance that's necessary to stop and reverse this trend.

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Pod 4988-37138 Evening Report
Third generation carb rations have been produced. Initial impressions are better than previous cycle. Work shift went well, got a kudo, always nice to have. Evening looks to be tense; must confirm potential transit window tonight if at all possible, or opportunity may become difficult to take advantage of. Mark this item for follow up, save, and send.

Holy cow. Remember the Dakota Access Pipeline? So many lifetimes ago? Which got AOC on the path to the House? The Standing Rock tribe just won a major victory; the Army Corps of Engineers was wrong to go forward without considering their concerns, court says.

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Hey folx - the first ever playtest of Dynamic Balances: is this coming Saturday afternoon, March 28, on BwK Discord at they have the RPG Schedule bot so if you go looking for the game there you should find it under the Babies with Knives server. I've got three openings at the table right now, sign up please and let me know people are interested in community-building non-murderhobo rolegaming.

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