Curious about Dresden Accelerated? Want to see it run? You're in luck! Last night I ran it for the guys at @SuperGeekedUp, and it was a blast! Go watch:

Hey, y'all. I'm going to be playtesting Asunder later this year. To facilitate that, I've created a G+ community that I'll use as a playtest pool. If that sounds cool to you, head on over.

Hey, friends. Anna and I are actively looking for contracts right now.

I do writing, game design, creative direction, and system development.

Anna does writing, editing, proofreading, and art direction.

Retoots appreciated!

I've hinted at this, but now it's time to announce it: Anna and I are starting our own business!

I'd like to introduce everyone to Blue Gables Publishing and Consulting. We provide services like writing, editing, creative direction, and more!

So here's a thing: I've been taking voice lessons for the last month and change, in preparation for my theatrical debut later this year.

Last time I went in, my teacher is hurriedly photocopying a song and she's like, "Oh, I'm copying a song for you. It just kind of came to me that this would be a perfect song for you to learn."

She gave it to me, and it's a Jason Robert Brown song. If you know who that is, you know his songs are not easy.

It was a tremendous vote of confidence.

Today I'm grateful for my parents, and for my in-laws. Anna and I have been working hard to start our own business; gathering contracts, constructing a business plan, and so on. We presented the idea and the plan to both sets of parents, and they've been great about it.

Crucially, both sets of parents recalled that, when they were our age, they were in a much more tenuous position than we are. They believe in us. They support us and want us to go for it.

Turns out that means everything.

Made 7th Sea characters tonight. We've got:
-Salty sea captain with poor grooming skills and a peg leg
-Arrogant, hard-bitten Musketeer
-Creepy Vesten embodiment of fate
-Resentful servant of Matushka
-Enormous Highlander brawler/scholar

This is gonna be good.

@meguey and I are following Avery Alder's lead:

"I've been thinking about accessible pricing a lot lately, and so: All my games are now offered with a 30% discount for folks living in poverty or facing marginalized access in the community. Just use the discount code AFFORDABLE if you need it."

So if it'll help take the pressure off, Meg and I are offering the same discount, same coupon code AFFORDABLE, at &


I've been feeling pretty great about my writing on Asunder lately. That beast is about 200k words at this point. I wrote 4500 yesterday. I'm averaging around 3k per day. I have a deadline on the 5th that I've already blown way past. I have a deadline at the end of January that I'm only 4k away from hitting.

And I'm PSYCHED to keep going.

Reposted from birdsite:

Anna and I have both been laid off, but we're turning it into an opportunity. We're ramping up our freelance work so we can start a business.

I do writing, creative direction, design, and system development.

Anna does writing, editing, and proofing.

Hit us up or share please.

Also, you know you're a Fate designer when your phone wants to auto-capitalize "accelerated."

So... I just posted that toot and my phone immediately started reading it aloud, text to speech, at an incredibly accelerated pace. Is that a Tootdon thing?

I've started playing Assassin's Creed Origins after having put 70 or so hours into Breath of the Wild (not done yet) and it's like night and day. They're both basically big, open world RPGs, but where Zelda is polished and elegant, AC feels janky and clumsy. I'm still enjoying it, but it's not nearly as intemtional-feeling an experience as Zelda, and I will say that the Ubisoft checklist effect was not something I missed in Zelda.

I have three milestones on my current Asunder contract: edit and revise the existing 170k words, write 20k more, then write another 20k. Due dates are the 15th, the 5th, and end of January, respectively.

I hit the first milestone last week. I'm 9k into the second milestone as of today. I have not yet written today.

Feelin' good.

What did I play in 2017? Let me think.

Dresden Accelerated
It's Not My Fault
Dragon Age
Thank You For Coming

That might be about it.

It's convenient when a rando says something that leads you to block them before they get a chance to interact with you.

Here are a few examples:

Object: A stone chalice. It fills with water every morning at dawn.

Memory: Being born from a massive seed pod, fully grown.

Living Thing: A fungal growth throughout your body. You're sure one day it will kill you.

Need: To escape that which cases you.

Scar or Mark: Your missing right ring finger, taken as payment for a debt.

Relationship: A poet who is determined to write an epic poem about your deeds.

Asunder is based on Shadow of the Demon Lord's rules. One thing I wanted to include was Schwalb's tables of interesting things, for chargen.

But I put a twist on it, borrowing a bit from Fiasco. In DL, you roll 1d6, and then roll 1d20 on the table of interesting things the d6 directs you to. It's the same in Asunder, except that each table has a theme: objects, living things, memories, needs, relationships, and scars and marks.

I like the results.

It took me a while to get to that point, by the way. Rereading stuff I've written months or years after the fact has gone a long way toward convincing me that I'm good at this.

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