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The thing that I really like about mastodon and _this side_ of the internet, is that it reminds me a bit of the early days when discovery was fun, when everyone had their own little kitschy blog about their life. I mean, just look at how cool and unique is!

But then I wonder - is part of this because of a barrier to entry? Mastodon is much harder to grok than twitter. Setting up a blog is harder than posting to FB. Is this just normal gatekeeping? I dunno...

I'm sure this has been shared here, but just in case: bunch of cool itch games for $5 where money goes to support reproductive rights.

Short rant about misconception of Mastodon 

I read an article where the writer is repeatedly uneasy about how conversations on Mastodon are devoid of politics, ”as if the outside world doesn’t exist.” The idea being that the birdsite is more connected to reality?

It’s frustrating to me that anyone would portray algorithm-boosted rage as representative of the world stage, and real, human conversation as non-representative of the human condition and human desire.

The world is upside-down.

Probably been over 20 years since I've seen Dead Poets Society. I've forgotten most of the bigger plot points, but it's still a good movie (despite being super white).

I've been a "small crew on a shapeship doing jobs" with my normal play circle.

I had designed the game to use 5 attributes, each with 5 attached skills. But as we've played, it felt... wrong. I'm debating switching to a freeform skill system, using simple descriptive words. This way, you would choose the attribute based on fictional circumstances - using a Engineer skill to fix, analyze a system, or make a bomb could all use different attributes.


SPY×FAMILY is a pretty fun - the core of the premise is a Spy and an Assassin fake a marriage as cover, unbeknownst to each other. They also have an adopted daughter who happens to be telepathic (this, I think, is mostly a dramatic device, allowing for thoughts to leak out).

Bo Burnham’s “Inside” is such a masterpiece goddamn

Rewatched it a week or so ago and still all I’m thinking about

I feel like I'd also be remiss in not sharing the Hyper Light Drifter OST when talking about audio storytelling.

If you like to keep up with all the latest disasters, check out

Wanted to share my love for Elijah Nang, an "audio novelist" who composes these ambient albums that tell a story. Like a movie soundtrack without the movie. Really cool stuff.

Over on the Electric Bastionland blog, the phrase "an encounter is a problem with a problem" hits me like a ton of bricks. I love it. Present not just a dumb little problem for PCs to overcome, but a put it in a situation that will require them to consider options

I think we are in an rpg popularity bubble right now. Everything is getting a quick cheap quick 5e adaptation and more and more stuff is coming out faster and faster.

When the bubble bursts and everyone consigns their d20 to the back of a drawer I am still going to be here making games about shoving your fingers in the soil and touching trees.

I couldn't resist: Rules alignments as a nine-grid.

(Again, this is me goofing around. It'[s funny if you're me; I have no idea if it's amusing to anyone else)

Seeing "Everything Everywhere All at Once" tonight. I've started making a habit of seeing movies solo when the kids are in bed. My wife hates

If you're on a topical server — that is, a server built around a shared interest or group affiliation — then it's a good idea to think of "Unlisted" as off-topic. If your post isn't related to the topic of the server, setting the visibility to Unlisted will let your followers pass it around as usual, but keep it out of the Local feed, where it would be distracting.

Since I got covid about three weeks ago, I've been fatigued and coughing a lot. My has gone down the crapper. I've decided to continue to lift at like half capacity, as it should allow proper recovery. Light weight, baby

Tonight is night. Time for a big ol' Kill Conflict against a hobgoblin and his fire breathing hellgoats... We're gonna die

Before joining Mastodon had you participated or were active on BBS (dial-up) or forums (vBulletin style) in the past?

Boosts are appreciated for better sample sizes.

My house is cursed, and plumbers are here again to take thousands of dollars from me. It's always amazing when they open up some sewer access and you whole house smells like poo gas

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