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Adam Jury-Last

Have been minimizing some social media more lately. But I _have_ been streaming Actual Work over on twitch: -- give me a follow if you're interested in seeing me do graphic design and other publishing ~stuff~ live! (Revamping my Patreon soon to support this, too.)

Witness to the Execution, a storygame about the eve of an execution, is now available in print and PDF:

(I worked on this!)

InCopy is so great. Every spread in this book being its own InCopy story is a bit _extra_, but so am I.

ICYMI, I updated my thoughts about tabletop games piracy and how to combat it:

A pre-weekend boop! I have a new article about piracy of tabletop games out for my Patreon backers, and it goes live to the public next week:


All four issues of Interactive Fantasy have made it online! —

Blackhand’s Street Weapons for Cyberpunk 2020. Remember when the Shadowrun netbook conversion of this was SO COOL?

Picked up my refurbed laptop yesterday. The only thing it shares with my old laptop is the serial number.

Haven't been around much lately because I toasted (coffeed) my laptop earlier this week. I'd appreciate some support/retweets on the tutorials/graphic design resources I create:

Unknown Armies Book 4: and Book 5: are out now! All sorts of alternate and extra-wild for Unknown Armies

Atomic Highway is now available in print, and the PDF is also free:

Well, we got just a fewwwww more Your Whispering Muse submissions than I expected.

Book of Feasts and Feast Deck: an accessory fit for eating! No bib required!:

Proposals for Your Whispering Muse keep rolling in. Not reading any of them until Feb 1st. Looking forward that day!:

We’re looking for new writers to Eclipse Phase, for a serial/anthology project of Weird and Slice of Life stuff:

A huge bundle of isometric map art, faux miniatures, spell effects, and more!:

Sliced my finger on a mandoline yesterday. I’m OK, but. Slow. typing.

Gonna be at Midwinter this weekend. Taking some EP swag and a EP2 preview booklet.