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Adam Jury-Last

Haven't been around much lately because I toasted (coffeed) my laptop earlier this week. I'd appreciate some support/retweets on the tutorials/graphic design resources I create:

Unknown Armies Book 4: and Book 5: are out now! All sorts of alternate and extra-wild for Unknown Armies

Atomic Highway is now available in print, and the PDF is also free:

Well, we got just a fewwwww more Your Whispering Muse submissions than I expected.

Book of Feasts and Feast Deck: an accessory fit for eating! No bib required!:

Proposals for Your Whispering Muse keep rolling in. Not reading any of them until Feb 1st. Looking forward that day!:

We’re looking for new writers to Eclipse Phase, for a serial/anthology project of Weird and Slice of Life stuff:

A huge bundle of isometric map art, faux miniatures, spell effects, and more!:

Sliced my finger on a mandoline yesterday. I’m OK, but. Slow. typing.

Gonna be at Midwinter this weekend. Taking some EP swag and a EP2 preview booklet.

Oops I fucking wrecked myself at the gym yesterday.

The gym is beginning to pay off. I don't want to be as skinny as I used to be, but... close + more muscles would be A-OK.

Oh dang, I didn't know that the Revised Edition of Stars Without Numbers had dropped!:

Mongoose drops a $40 PDF set for Traveller and lands near the top of the charts:

Oh! Plane Shift: Amonkhet is out now, Magic stuff for D&D5!:

Had to do some chores this morning. Then forgot my office keys. I now live at Tim Horton's.

Gotta postpone the weekly look at the DriveThru charts until at least tomorrow to get other work done.

I was just tidying some stuff up in my font management software. My laptop has the following sets of fonts right now:

Sailor Moon