Hey Mastodon. Been a while since I checked in here. How are y'all doing? What's good with you, gaming or otherwise?

Hey TTRPG folks - which independent publishers are able to do trad print runs these days? Just trying to check the lay of the land.

"[Uncle Jonathan] invented the Fuse Box Dwarf, a little man who popped out at you from behind the paint cans in the cellarway and screamed, "Dreeb! Dreeb! I am the Fuse Box Dwarf!" Lewis was not scared by the little man, and he felt that those who scream "Dreeb" are more to be pitied than censured."

-- John Bellairs, "The House With A Clock In Its Walls"

Bleah, tried making two 3d prints tonight and both failed midway through. Waiting until next weekend to try the 12-hour print.

Hey folks - in light of the SCOTUS leak, I'm putting together a DrivethruRPG bundle supporting reproductive rights.

Please drop me an email (allandaros @ gmail) if you want to contribute a product.

The intention is to go live this coming Monday, US Eastern time.


Someone on Twitter is organizing a TTRPG bundle with all proceeds going to reproductive rights. You can submit your game here:

Abortion info 

Now seems like a good time to remind all my uterine pals that there are drugs which you can get in advance that will allow you to safely manage an abortion at home basically undetectably up through nine weeks, and with some risks for detection up through twenty weeks.
A solid overview:
Also if you are using software to track your periods, now might be a great time to switch to a pen and paper method, or consider just lying to Apple health, that’s fine too.

Abortion info (where to get one, where to donate: US based) 

If you are in need of abortive medication and do not have access to a doctor:

If you need help finding a doctor or abortion funding:

If you have funds to donate to an abortion fund and want them to go someplace local:

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The group is currently playing through Gus L's "Tomb Robbers of the Crystal Frontier." When they're done with that*, I'm going to be fully opening up the setting and introducing some new domain play materials. Which means I have to *prepare* things, ugh.

*whether through 'completing' the module or just going somewhere else

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Got to run LotB again last night, after a hiatus of three weeks due to lack of quorum.

The session was a short one (only three players, and about an hour of play) but they engaged in some clever tests and figured out a path forward past an obstacle that had stymied them for a while.

Now they've seen a glimpse of the stuff past the obstacle, and their taste has been whetted indeed! I'm excited to see what the group does next.

OK, newbie here. I've made my profile on dice.camp, and I can see how to follow individual users from another instance (say, chirp.enworld.org ). But is there a way to browse chirp.enworld.org without making a full allandaros AT chirp.enworld.org profile?

For myself:

1) I'm running a campaign of Legacy of the Bieth over Discord. This setting has been a long time brewing, but finally getting back in the GM seat and actually focusing on play.

2) I'm really excited about a new book I picked up, 'Legends of the Fire Spirits: Jinn and Genies from Arabia to Zanzibar' by Robert Lebling.

3) I'm trying to shepherd two Hydra Coop kickstarters forward (one to completion, one to launch) and working on a city supplement for Legacy of the Bieth.

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So... 1) what are y'all running/playing these days?

2) What things are getting you excited and inspired?

3) What projects are you working on?

If you're coming from Twitter, you might not recognize the "post privacy" option.

Basically, each post you send on Mastodon can have 1 of 4 privacy settings: Public, Unlisted, Followers-only, or Direct.

Basically, Public goes far and wide, Followers-only is nice for more personal stuff (and can't be boosted -- retweeted), and Direct means it's like a Direct Message to any and all users you mention (tag) in your post.

for this space - hi folks! I'm Humza (or 'Allandaros' online). In my day job, I'm an immigration attorney. Gaming-wise, I'm a partner with the Hydra Cooperative, an independent publisher. My focus is on trad and OSR design, but I'm enthusiastic about all sorts of creations.

Recently had my first published module, "Home is the Hangman," released thru Darker Hue Studios as part of the Haunted West game.

I blog over at lotbieth.blogspot.com/


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