So... 1) what are y'all running/playing these days?

2) What things are getting you excited and inspired?

3) What projects are you working on?

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For myself:

1) I'm running a campaign of Legacy of the Bieth over Discord. This setting has been a long time brewing, but finally getting back in the GM seat and actually focusing on play.

2) I'm really excited about a new book I picked up, 'Legends of the Fire Spirits: Jinn and Genies from Arabia to Zanzibar' by Robert Lebling.

3) I'm trying to shepherd two Hydra Coop kickstarters forward (one to completion, one to launch) and working on a city supplement for Legacy of the Bieth.

1) 13th Age for my old group.
Acid Death Fantasy (Troika!) for my new group.
Traveller: Pirates of Drinax for my daughter and her friends.

2) I'm keen to run something in the style of The King in Yellow. Alien RPG too. Brink in 2000ad is giving me loads of ideas.

3) Lots of ideas bouncing around in my head, I'm not really working on any just now though.

@BrianBloodaxe I hadn't heard of Brink before, but yay Dan Abnett work!

That's a really cool slice of games you're running. How are the campaigns proceeding? (Also how often do they meet? -- I'm tired out just with one campaign!)

@allandaros I've been a fan of Dan Abnett's stuff for years, back to Deaths Head 2 I think. Brink is easily his best work.

As for the games we try to play each one weekly but probably only manage half that. Three games would be too much otherwise.

13th Age is going to be a long one if the players are up for it. 20 sessions so far and I'm planning to bring in Planar Compass, Thousand Thousand Islands, UVG and The Stone Thief.

Acid Death Fantasy has just started but I'm already loving it. It's just a desert full of weirdo tech scavengers and no attempts to explain anything.

Pirates of Drinax is another one which could just run and run. The campaign is enormous and after 20 sessions we have barely scratched the surface. Mostly it's just the PCs getting themselves in trouble, so fairly classic really.

1) I'm GMing Mystara via Worlds without Number, and I'm begrudgingly playing 5E because the group I'm in is great. I need to find time to play more often.
2) The new Lancer expansion Karrakin Trade Baronies is living rent free in my head.
3) I'm working on a Lancer campaign that may eventually take the shape of a Field Guide I can release to the community. At the same time I'm planning on starting up a one-shot series at a local nerd cafe:

1) I've just started planning an apocalyptic roadtrip game for my regular group using a slightly hacked version of Kevin Crawford's Other Dust. I'm also running Mage for the first time tommorow as a oneshot.

2) CY_BORG just came out and it blew my mind a little. After running both Spire and Heart RRD's resistance system is giving me lots of ideas.

3) My main project right now is a little game called Strange Squad which is about paranormal agents hunting demons around the globe.

@S_Murphy_Games hell yeah, nice stuff! I've been meaning to check out Spire and its presentation of an insurgency/resistance group.

Good luck with Mage! What's the focus of the one-shot?

You definitely should, it's honestly incredible.

The pitch for the oneshot is that the players are being sent out to stop enemy mages from manipulating politicians at a fancy dinner party (without alerting the guests).

It took me like three hours to figure out the magic system but I think I've got it down now lol.

@S_Murphy_Games That pitch sounds rad! Coincidental magic dragging folks one way and then another has the potential to be really interesting.

@allandaros Hell yeah. Especially with how the presence of non-mages increase the chances of a spell going wrong in the system lol.

@allandaros 1) A Starfinder adventure path, and 5e.

2) Mastodon right now. The Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous videogame was pretty great.

3) Messing around with making games on Roblox. Made one goofy dungeon crawl called Ooftrap Dungeon. Looking at future projects.


1. I am running a Planar Ptolus D&D 5E campaign set after the Night of Dissolution. We're still playing over Foundry/Discord since we have a couple of high-risk players.
2. I'm most excited about the voice acting classes I'm taking and working toward cutting a demo reel or two.
3. I'm working with Solarian games on an upcoming RPG spin-off of Top Secret. Not sure what else I can say about it. Also, I have 3 more novels ready for editing.

@JediSoth Good luck on the Solarian project! Excited to see more when y'all are able to discuss it.

(Also dang, three novels in the editing hopper? Awesome!)

@allandaros My developmental editor is behind. The first one for the hopper I wrote in April/May of 2020. :p

1) I'm running:
A Dungeon World campaign for my 12yo and a bunch of friends (this group is playing in some form for the last 5 years!)
I'm playing:
A Dungeon World campaign with my home group. We've been playing together in some form since I returned to ttrpgs 6 y ago.
A Blades in the Dark campain with a totally new online group.
Brindlewood Bay with my podcast co-hosts.

2) I'm really excited about running Heart: the City Beneath for my home group as our next campaign. >

2) continued. I'm also excited abut giving a spin to too many games: Pasiòn de las Pasiones, Good Society, Under Hollow Hills, Legacy: Life Among the Ruins, to name a few.

3) I'm working on editing the weekly ttrpg podcast I co-host. Recently, our podcast celebrated 2 years of weekly episodes, and I'm immensely proud. 😁

@eladhen hell yeah long-running games and new campaigns both! :D


1) I'm running a game of Nahual by Miguel Angel Espinoza. It's my first in-person game since the pandemic started and it's been an incredible experience.

2) I just backed/pre-ordered two games I'm really excited about: The card-based Littlebox Journey "Decaying Orbit" and the solo-journaling game "Skyworthy" by @DrakeandDice.

3) I'm currently Kickstarting a Passover storytelling game called "Ma Nishtana: Why is This Night Different?" that I created with my cousin.

@Gabriellerab oh hey, definitely taking a look at Ma Nishtana, I think I know some folks that would very much be interested!

How's Nahual? I backed it but haven't tested it out.

@allandaros I absolutely love it. Every mechanic and detail really reinforces the themes of the game. The lore can get a little complex, but the sense of place helps ground it.


1) Playing in the Pathfinder Giantslayer Adventure Path

2) Old German folk tale collections

3) Translating old German folk tales

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