OK, newbie here. I've made my profile on, and I can see how to follow individual users from another instance (say, ). But is there a way to browse without making a full allandaros AT profile?

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@allandaros It depends on the other server. Some servers are more public-facing than others. If you go to, there are options for "Discover users," which we'll let you see local accounts, and "See what's happening," which will show you publicly listed activity. I think you have to view the desktop (rather than mobile) site to see those, though. Probably can't do it through an app.

@SymbolicCity @allandaros I think you see posts from people you follow or those tangential to people you follow on your federated view. So you kind of have to bootstrap yourself into the community by mass following or going of follows of others. Over time more cross follows should occur. There really should just be a follow whole instance option, but I don't think that's a thing. Could be wrong though.

@allandaros - Not in the main browser version, so far as I can tell; it all just gets mixed up in the "Federated" feed.

If on Android, it's apparently possible in the Fedilab App to read a everything public from a different local feed (one that's federated with your own, that is).

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