Got to run LotB again last night, after a hiatus of three weeks due to lack of quorum.

The session was a short one (only three players, and about an hour of play) but they engaged in some clever tests and figured out a path forward past an obstacle that had stymied them for a while.

Now they've seen a glimpse of the stuff past the obstacle, and their taste has been whetted indeed! I'm excited to see what the group does next.

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The group is currently playing through Gus L's "Tomb Robbers of the Crystal Frontier." When they're done with that*, I'm going to be fully opening up the setting and introducing some new domain play materials. Which means I have to *prepare* things, ugh.

*whether through 'completing' the module or just going somewhere else

@allandaros are you going to use a published product for the domain play, or is it mostly your own homebrew?

@scipio202 It's my homebrew. One part community-building as XP generation (, one part spy game with rival faction networks gunning for each other.

@allandaros very cool! I like the core idea of investing in improving the community, and having a creative plan to make that happen. The XP reward makes sense in your context - what might work well in its place for milestone leveling game? Maybe some kind of thematically appropriate boon with a (minor) mechanical benefit? Eg Tizemt’s experiences organizing the council might give them a bonus to charisma checks for similar kinds of political consensus-building situations.

@scipio202 That's a good question! I don't normally think in milestone game terms, so this would probably require some further thought/experience with that frame...but I might provide benefits depending on how far the characters have advanced a given track. Because they've pushed up legitimacy 3 points total, they get a +3 (or scaled) bonus to checks relating to that concept.

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