Mid 2022 and for the first time a session is postponed due to covid. What a bummer.

A good race in the end. From 2 DNF to 2nd and 5th, somebody will complain as always, but it's easy to criticize when when you are sitting comfortably on the couch. Thumbs up for Sir. Hamilton arriving 3rd with the worst car he's driven in Montreal.

Debacle like this always brings morale down. But I'm seeing lot of peoples overreacting. We have the first truly competitive car after years, I think It's a big improvement and hopefully more will come. And even if the facts will prove me wrong some reaction I'm reading are offensives and inappropriate, maybe these people should stop cheering sports in general.

Starfinder bundle on HumbleBundle, good set of digital copy. I've purchased Paizo bundle like that before and they give you keys for redeem the manuals on the Paizo website.


In tonight session we've created magical lemon-scented capes to cover the zombies smell.

Awful race. Strategy turns out to be our Achilles heel once again, and in races like Monaco is the thing to do right.

Obi-Wan airs today. I am prepared to be extremely disappointed and have my day ruined.

Being tossed around on different planes can have negative repercussions on party morale.
Fortunately my holystic necromancer cleric and his entourage of undeads are taking care of the PGs mental health.
He also opened a brewery in Ravnica, but that's a story for another time....

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Not the race we tifosi have been waiting for, but it is what it is, engines fail.
Overall we've seen some improvements, next big step is get Carlos back. He need to clear his mind and return the one we've seen last year.

I'm building my second attempt at bard on . First one went really bad, I didn't find the proper way to use it in combat and the character itself didn't fit me well.
The promise for this one are better, I was ispired writing the background and I've already in mind how to role it. But I'm still unsure how to use it in the 'roll a dice' way: what spells are better? when to use the bardic performance? equipment?

Australia participating in the Eurovision Song Contest always make me wonder how they got involved in first place. Like, some dude in Sidney watching it at 1 in the morning and say "Let's ask if they make us in too."

In the last session of : Starfleet's most advanced nova-class starship misses an enemy ship for all the night.

Dice rolling is fascinating.

Let's hope players have better luck next Thursday....

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I'm running the compendium adventures to my players. I'm really liking so far, the rules are easy and the "trek" mood is setting on the players (even into who's never watch the serie).

The only issue I have is how to handle the Betazoid character: how far her powers go? do she have to ask if she's sensing somenthing or do I tell her? what kind of task I make her attemp to concentrate?

Tonight we will conclude the first module of Panthfinder 2 introductory campaign. I'm really liking it so far, the new combat system have interesting features.

Doors and corners, kid. That's where they get you.


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