RBS was good to teach the game and the ropes of pbp gaming.
The party is now on its way back to Kergus, with a 10 day roadtrip in front of them.
This will give me ample maneuver space to test the traveling rules from Feretory and try some improv pointcrawling.
If I know them as well as I think, this is going to completely and gloriously derail in them wandering across the dying earth without ever reaching Allians before the Nechrubel bring forte the Apocalypse.

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Currently running a game of Mörk Börg for my old gaming friends.
The party has gone through Rot Black Sludge and so far suffered only a casualty and lost a Scroll.
We are playing by posts via Discord, and I have to say asynchronous play is great.
I vastly prefer it to videocall gaming, so far.
First of all, it allows for different schedules, and second, the relaxed pace is great for the GM.

The type of games I do not play very much are videogames. I probably played less than 30 in my whole life: Torment, Alpha Centauri, Wesnoth, Shadowrun returns, Warcraft 3, Starcraft... the rest being old Arcade games like Gauntlet or C64 games like Dig Dug... or Archon

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My favorite rpg of them all is either Neon City Overdrive or Castle Falkenstein.
My favorite designer is definitely Mike Pondsmith, followed by Tom Moldvay.
I have a liking for crunch-and-numbers light games and look favorably on FKR, NSR and diceless games.
I play card games (a lot of MtG, not enough Netrunner or ICE's Wizards of Middle Earth) and boardgames.
I have a soft spot for old Avalon Hill wargames, my favorites being Titan, Wizard's quest, Battletech, Memoir 44, Diskwars warhammer

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I began gaming with an unofficial translation of Holmes D&D, followed by Traveller and CoC.
Over the years I've tried different games ( Pendragon, Rolemaster, MSH, Champions,, Shadowrun, SW d6), but I always stuck with Old D&D and thus gravitated towards the OSR.
My favorites include games as Amber, Polaris, FU, Fate, The Sprawl.

Illelisk, Planet of Death
I had a plan to write a swords & Planet Tunnels & Trolls retro-clone. Actually I wrote it, but in the end I never publoshed it. I jad begun to do some art, and this was the basic setting map.

Hunt for the Leviathan, from Lo Scrigno d'Avorio
Color version

Curiosity: when I colorized this, I dressed the sorceress in red because of Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch

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