I wrote a dmall supplement for Stockholm Cartell's CY_BORG: 10 new Nano Powers 10 new Cybertech, 10 new Apps.


I'd rather see new companies offering pdf/POD/VTT, because alternatives should, theoretically at least, breed better and cheaper services.
But the merger makes a lot of sense to both Roll20 and DTRPG if they want to survive a digitalized ttrpg landscape dominated by D&D


A few years ago I contributed art to Castle of Blackwood Moors, a massive Gamebook by David Konkol that was Kickstarted and released to positive reviews..
David is now Kickstarting a digital edition with expanded features!
Checki it out here:


Still kind of working on my new little game which could be described as sandboxy not-Troika/Fighting Fantasy.
The rules include freeform magic and monsters, adventure and sandbox generators, exploration and travel rules. All with 1d6!
Pretty much in an early stage, but playable.


I think that Advanced Fighting Fantasy (and Troika) could be so much more interesting if they gave up Advanced Skills and Luck rolling for diegetic action resolution and Luck as hero points you spend.
My take so far on such a system


An adventure oitline that mixes fantasy, mistery, horror and western themes.
Inspired by Jack Vance and Karl Edward Wagner


When in Rome...Wildlands solo play!
The Pit fighters are beating the sh1t out of The Guild

Last night, for a change of pace, I wasn't the GM, and we didn't play OSR.
I finally managed to play Agon second edition!
We really liked it and the game went very smooth, even with a newbie first-time Guide, though we had a couple of doubts on Bonds, Support and Battles.
Next time I'd like to either try the Chamber Playset, or run The Sprawl as MC.
Btw, anybody can spare hints and suggestions regarding The Sprawl?
Hacking seems rather convoluted for a Pbta game...

Qualche idea se volete gestire le Origini in maniera un poco diversa in Troika e Kasta!
(O anche Advanced Fighting Fantasy, perché no?!)


Ho messo in pwyw Maestose Rovine del Crepuscolo, contendente per il titolo di gioco più brutto di sempre

You may not believe it, bit this sketch is for a non-gaming product :,D

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Gnome urban sprawl

(wine cellar caves | Pietragalla, Italy)

Black Knight
(Inspired by the Fiend Folio art for the Death Knight, by the great Russ Nicholson)

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