pride month info for cis-het people / conversion therapy 

To help put things in perspective, imagine you are a teen in a liberal city suburb. One night a paramilitary group comes into your home and kidnaps you while your parents are standing by saying "it's for your own good". You are flown across the country to a conversion therapy concentration camp in a state where it is allowed.

This has happened to at least two people I personally know in the past 10 years.

More system noodling. At intervals in combat (eg after all PCs have acted once), the game runner picks a random vibe for the next several actions, eg Desperation, Suddenly Lethal, Reversal of Fortunes, and things play out accordingly

Does anyone know of an actual play stream (or VoD) of Light, Nova, or some other Lumen-based TTRPG?

If you want to get into customized equipment, you can say that signature items have their own selection of styles and attributes. The attributes are common across types (e.g. guns have Accuracy, Impact, Armor Penetration, etc.)

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Random TTRPG design noodle: everyone's got several "styles" (e.g. Fate Approaches, such as Flashy, Forceful). You fill in an area of the game (e.g. Guns, Hacking, Vehicles, Social) into each of the styles, and when you do that activity in that style, you're better than average.

The game runner's goal is to make a diversity of styles compelling during play, and rules should provide guidance and tools to do so.

Put up a little primer about narrative gaming terms. Please don't judge me, these are my definitions.

When PCs in a visit the lair of crime queen Madame Mist, they always drink tea at the end of their interview. Until then they have one objective: ask for a favor compelling enough that she doesn’t poison the tea. If they walk out alive, her answer is yes

New head canon: diviners are the conspiracy theorists of fantasy worlds and the gods all emerged because they KEPT ASKING Fate, "who is doing this to us?" and Fate threw up its hands and was like "welp I guess there's a powerful cabal of invisible beings now"

A preview/back-cover/something for a game I've meant to do (in some form) for awhile, and have actually started on.

Ok my problem with Solarpunk, primarily as a visual style and imagining of the future, is that everything it depicts appears to be built new. It fails to depict recycling and reuse, as if an ecologically sustainable future is going to be delivered by tech corps or something?

While working on Furnace, the card-DB app for , I realized I had two apps talking to a db, with attendant migration issues & such. Then I realized Plough - the game server - can just call an API endpoint on Furnace. Suddenly my problems are gone. I'm hoping to have a live card editor done by end of week

i went into a fugue state and wrote a lasers & feelings hack for the thing & another thing jam! soul & survival is a dark fantasy based on the general Vibe of dark souls and bloodborne, as interpreted by someone who's played neither. it's 90% vibes by volume and it's pwyw on itch!

questions today:

Technology is going to have a very defining quality on your world. Defining your tech level, possibly more than any other decision, will color your worldbuilding, whether it’s Stone Age or sci-fi. Though, nowhere is it written that tech progressed at an identical rate to earth tech, and several franchises have had fun with playing a little fast and loose with technology.

What invention in your world is a bit anachronistic for your world’s technology level?

Now available! :mastodon:

My in-depth comparative review of eight Mastodon apps for iPhone

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The VTT has persistence! If you go to my-app-rk4fd.ondigitalocean.ap and click "Play", the URL it gives you will save your game state between sessions. There's not yet a way to go back to a game if you lose the URL, though.

it’s time to light the fire
it’s time to raise the dead
it’s time to profane god
on the muppet show tonight

I threw someone at the VTT with no explanation of the game, and she got the idea pretty fast. She even came up with a novel encounter interpretation based on the emotion card draw. I got some useful feedback out of the process.

Persistent state is going to be the next big challenge. After that, I think it’ll be all polish and refinement

I finally added session support to the VTT. Anyone who wants to check it out can do so here: my-app-rk4fd.ondigitalocean.ap

There's no persistence yet, so a game only lasts as long as one person is at the table. But once you start a new game, you can share the URL and other people can join in.

When it comes time for Emory to act, his ability to succeed depends on what Tana did - and whatever else happened before that. He’s been handed a set of dice, loaded by history to roll a certain way, and now he “rolls” by picking from his available cards (or just taking the failure)

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