While working on Furnace, the card-DB app for , I realized I had two apps talking to a db, with attendant migration issues & such. Then I realized Plough - the game server - can just call an API endpoint on Furnace. Suddenly my problems are gone. I'm hoping to have a live card editor done by end of week

The VTT has persistence! If you go to my-app-rk4fd.ondigitalocean.ap and click "Play", the URL it gives you will save your game state between sessions. There's not yet a way to go back to a game if you lose the URL, though.

I threw someone at the VTT with no explanation of the game, and she got the idea pretty fast. She even came up with a novel encounter interpretation based on the emotion card draw. I got some useful feedback out of the process.

Persistent state is going to be the next big challenge. After that, I think it’ll be all polish and refinement

I finally added session support to the VTT. Anyone who wants to check it out can do so here: my-app-rk4fd.ondigitalocean.ap

There's no persistence yet, so a game only lasts as long as one person is at the table. But once you start a new game, you can share the URL and other people can join in.

I want to talk about using randomizers in TTRPGs, and why I went diceless with

One reason people play games is to engage in exciting actions. It's often exciting not to know how an action will turn out. Risk builds excitement, and randomness with consequences for failure introduces risk. So "roll dice to find out" is an easy tool to indirectly add tension.


Today's encounter draw: Amazement, Portentious, Diabolical

The Devil Prophet has come to the village where the PCs are staying. This emissary of Hell shares the dark secrets of the citizens, while warning of Hell's plans to invade other lands. Curiously, the Prophet seems happier when a citizen owns up to their failings, and seems regretful about their dire tidings. What is their real motive?

Today's PC draw: Insular, Synthesist, Training

You grew up in as a reclusive scholar in a religious commune, studying ethics, natural philosophy, psychology, and medicine in order to understand the world the creator made. Now you are on a pilgrimage, healing whoever you encounter. You may not return home until you can answer the question of the pilgrimage: "why is there evil in the creator's world?"

I’ve been working on a VTT for awhile, and a very early version of it is up and running. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be testing the UI and posting screenshots (or asking for testers)

Today's encounter draw: Terror, Armored, Monstrous

The Great Beast is rampaging across the landscape. It's too tough to challenge in conventional combat - its scales turn away arrows and blades. But maybe it can be lured elsewhere - or maybe its rage is the product of a pain that can be assuaged? Either way, nobody else seems brave enough to try dealing with it.

Today's PC draw: Cosmopolitan, Guardian, Tech

You invented a gadget that might change the world - and now you've got to keep it out of the hands of unscrupulous people from back home. You've left your city behind to find the quietest backwater you can, only trouble seems to keep finding you...

Today's encounter draw: Ecstacy, Notorious, Gang

It's the Dusk Carnival! A traveling troupe of entertainers, said to be mythological beings behind human guises, who tell tales of wonder and dread wherever they go. Some say the Carnival snatches away young people from the places they visit - but on the other hand, who wouldn't want to run away and join a circus as wondrous as this one?

Today's PC draw: Solitary, Performer, Magic

You've spent years in the forest, nurturing the flora and fauna there through natural magic. You've blended ecology and aesthetic in a mystical practice that nobody will ever see. Now your travels led you out of the forest and into this new thing called "village". What is this about, and who are all these people?

Today's encounter draw: Vigilance, Diabolical, Elemental

A pair of smoking volcanoes mark the entrance to Hell. Lava rolls ponderously down the slopes, adding new twists to the gnarled night-black landscape. Two fortresses face each other on the valley road, manned by the human continent and Hell's defenders respectively. Though supposedly enemies, they both know they have much in common with each other. They're here guarding a road nobody wishes to walk.

So with that...

Today's PC draw: Underclass, Rebel, Training

You're a laborer in a vast city, the jewel of the desert at the crossroads of commerce. Your fellow workers are mistreated, because where is there to escape but the unforgiving sands? You've learned unarmed fighting arts from a friendly teacher, though, and now you're teaching your fellows. It's just a matter of time before there's enough of you to fight back.

Since doesn't have a combat system, I've had players ask "how do we handle encounters?" I took my cues on encounters from Princess Mononoke, and the advice given to Ashitaka: "You must see with eyes unclouded by hate".

Encounters should be an experience first. PCs/players might decide fighting is warranted, but first they are there to learn what's going on. Encounters don't ask "how do you win", they ask "what do you make of this?"


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