Oh and sorry I've been gone, I've been focusing on my masto main, shoutout to @audiodude

Here's a question for DMs: how can you lead your characters to a location, or even more likely, let them discover a location, that is clearly too high level for them to encounter at the moment?

Like how do you signal to them that they "probably shouldn't try to get inside" without literal impassable walls (considering it) or even worse, having them fight some of the baddies inside and getting murdered?

Here's a random idea that worked pretty well for my group. They were interested in some random demon and didn't know if they would be able to take it down in a fight. Rather than logjam it into the story, I instead gave them a "dream sequence" where they could fight the demon with no consequences.

I joked that "if you die in the dream, you die in real life", but that clearly wasn't the actual case. It was a fun diversion on a night where we didn't get much play in otherwise anyways.

Really excited for my 5e game tonight. I have a lot of ideas to throw at the players, and we'll see where it takes us! Basically in the opposite place that I was a month ago.

So here's something I've been very, very bad at self-promoting: fractive.io/

Fractive is my open-source tool for writing hypertext games using Markdown!

It's a little bit like Twine, but for people who'd rather just write straight-ahead instead of fussing with the node graph.

I guess the obvious thing to do is just postpone the session, of course....

Hello dice.camp, I am in desperate need of help with my campaign! We're playing in 2 hours and I didn't have time this week to prepare anything.

One idea I have is that the characters could get involved in the local Brawling Rink. They've expressed interest in that direction before. Maybe a side plot involving shady gambling?

I definitely don't have the next big temple/dungeon ready, and wouldn't do it justice if I brought it out tonight, so I'm going to have to railroad away from it somehow

Sorry, two jackals and a jackwere, which I thought would be somewhat challenging but proved a faceroll.

Technically the're CR 1/4, and I'm looking for an encounter that is CR 3/4 right? So I want half that, 3. But I threw three jackals at them earlier and they destroyed the crap out of them.

How many skeletons is a good number for a party of 3 first level characters to fight? I'm thinking 6?

What software or online tools would you recommend for map making at both the city and region level (not quite at dungeons yet)?

Okay, so let's say our adventurers are sent by the King to explore the desert. How do they end up finding things out there? Do I just let them stumble upon things? Is there a map? Some combination of those two things? Something else?

Question: permanent teleportation circles serve simply as destinations for the Circle of Teleportation spell, yes? They don't work like portals that let just anyone travel somewhere. Can I just DM hand wave that the PCs find some method of teleporting them a long distance?

Okay, so I've decided that my new campaign is going to take place in a largely desert world. What are good sites for exploration/adventure in a desert? Like an oasis, a reclusive trading post, an ancient ruin....what else?


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