So here's something I've been very, very bad at self-promoting:

Fractive is my open-source tool for writing hypertext games using Markdown!

It's a little bit like Twine, but for people who'd rather just write straight-ahead instead of fussing with the node graph.


@invicticide I think the demo crashed/got stuck in an infinite loop when I clicked piano before living room FYI.

@invicticide I can't seem to find the source for the demo on Any pointers?

@audiodude I can repro. Not sure off the top of my head what broke, but I'll look into it. (This used to work just fine.)

@audiodude I was able to repro on both Android and desktop. Added logging, and suddenly it worked. Removed logging, and it... still works? Maybe I'd just uploaded an old version of the html or something. /shrug

Anyway seems to work correctly on both platforms for me now. Note you may need to force refresh so you don't get an old cached broken version.

@invicticide Yes working great now, thanks for looking into it!

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