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We have five blogs, now! Please reply with the address of your blog if you would like me to add it. I don't want to add anybody without their consent so please contact me even if you think I know your blog and you think that I think that you think it'd be OK. 😃

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I just last night read through The Clay that Woke cover-to-cover, which I don't think I've done with any other RPG. It's fascinating, and both well- and differently-written. During the day I was walking down the street reading it. It gripped me.

Strategos was one of the earliest wargames that was more game-like and contained the foundations for what would become the Blackmoor and Greyhawk D&D games.

As we explore Totten Tuesday we will see many things that resemble RPGs are we know them today.

Totten Tuesday!

Totten's Strategos (1880)

225. On either side special Staff positions may be assigned, each player being responsible for the proper realization of so much of the plan as naturally falls to his position. He must study the special circumstances, make out the necessary orders, memoranda, etc., with a view both to success and failure, and be prepared to defend and elucidate his arrangements upon accurate military principles.

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@robertbohl Absolutely! You can open an incognito tab and check. Links to toots work perfectly fine, like on Twitter.

About the second: yes, to an extent. if you click on the world icon (assuming you're using the web interface) you can choose to toot to "everyone" but not appear on the local timeline, or only for your followers, or only for the accounts that you mention in the toot itself (works as "private messages").

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If you're reading The Clay That Woke and want to talk about it, Jason D'Angelo has an open invitation:

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The Golden Cobra Challenge ends on 15 October! Still time left to design a complete game!

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Présentation de Simple Fantasy Adventure, par Audrey Grace Winter ; un rétroclone "détolkienisé" de "Lord of the Rings Adventure Game".
Sous licence CC-BY-NC--SA.

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Updated ! My name is Tara. She/her pronouns. I am a freelance game designer. You can see the published freelance work I've done here: At my day job I'm a researcher focusing on education.

I am currently writing a Choice of Games novel (Choose-your-own-adventure book as mobile app) about a small guild who protect a town from monsters most believe are just fairy tales. I am also running a Dragon AGE game and co-running a Dresden Files larp.

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Now that The King Machine is out for sale, the next game up is Sand Dogs! Aiming for the end of the year, which would mean three publications this year, a VSCA record.

Better probabilities for your Heroquest game.

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Tiny test of a very quick and easy night scene 😁#MastoArt

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Stumbled upon Damian Gryski's fantastic write-up about consistent hashing algorithms and their trade-offs:

#golang #ketama

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Trying out Whalebird as a Masto client, thanks to @renatoram .

So far, it seems fine. Better than the website, which is OK. I'd like to be able to combine my timelines from different servers, though.

It's also hard to tell which account I'm on because the font is too big.

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Uh, I just found out this Mastodon client and it's pretty neat so far. Will keep testing (multiplatform Linux/Win/Apple)

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Right! Moving on! 🍍
I'm Meguey Baker, I work in local history museums, I'm a sex ed teacher, and I make stuff, including role-playing games:

Nice to meet you, what's your main thing?

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I’m a teacher at, an “alternative route to graduation” for students in Holyoke, MA’s minority-majority community where 30% of the population lives below the poverty line.

I’m developing its Makerspace! The school runs on a shoestring, prioritizing scholarships. You can help my amazing students by getting us tools & materials from our wish list!

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The more I read about MeWe the more wary I become of them.

En Garde!

En Garde! is an early GM-less RPG. It's nominally set in 17th century Paris, France. The games moves in weeks and you have a few things your character can do.

There is a period of boundless negotiation with other players before you write your orders. Then there is a big revel of your orders. Followed by rolling on tables to see the outcome.

All the fiction is emergent from those tables and all the word building is encoded there as well.

Week 1 of January 1625
Luis received an invited to join some folks at Red Philips on the third week of January. So Luis hit up the baudyhouses for some gambling and had to cut to avoid losing to much.

Week 2 of January 1625
Luis spent the week recovering from the previous one and practiced with his dagger.