Hey @robert valley. Red and blue fighting over four square miles.

House rules

@robert They will be by the end of the week. Finally getting around to typing them up.

@robert It's an odd's table but more focus on the friction of fighting than tracking x people in this unit.

The results run from being disordered for 1-2 bounds to forced retreat in disorder. Stuff like that.

@awinter @robert Wow, that is so cool! Did you make this? Did you play? How did you resolve conflict? I’d like to get some of these dice:

@kensanata @robert

Maps at 1:8000 scale (20 cm by 20 cm). Each map section is ~ 1x1 mile.

Should be enough there for 3 mile by 4 mile section of the Somme valley.

@kensanata @robert Those dice are a bit overpriced. You are paying $30 USD for some stickers and not so great dice. Better off doing some proper custom ones.

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