We finished up the Alpha TTS for last weekend.

This shot is from somewhere in Alpha-4

By the end of the Alpha series I have a really good idea on movement, squad maneuvers, and to not run into the open when there is a MMG or HMG.

Very tightly balanced.

The Beta series is next. Which is all about capturing and holding buildings.

@awinter I think I only ever played the first scenario of Squad Leader, once every few years. Every time I was curious about Squad Leader, but then burned out by the stacks of units and LMGs and all that. Never got to the flame throwers and all of that! Perhaps the difference in aptitude for wargames between me and my friend was simply too big. I keep losing. 😭

@kensanata We play in a supportive fashion here. Often helping each other out or trying to figure out the best tactic. I guess it's best described as a shared problem to solve.

The Alpha TTS is neat 'cause you start with just troops and nothing else. It's even more rule limited than the SL #1.

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