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I'm back on! To celebrate, here's a completely untested two-page PBTA World of Darkness knock-off.

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Alright, rebooting! I haven't been able to keep up with this place much, so with a fresh start, it seems like a good opportunity to jump back in.

For those who don't know me: Hi! I'm Umbra. I've mostly been on a weird sci-fi bend as of late in my game designing. You can find my stuff here:

Darker Forts, more characters and adventures for the precursor solo-RPG has been released at

Here's an RPG with a mechanic that I feel is pretty cool: Interstellar Errands. It's an outcome-first, situation-second system. You roll for an outcome, then describe the events that led to it! Also, character details are completely narrative focused.

Excellent I've been reading lately:
Dead Halt
Mörk Börg

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Featured Etsy Shop: Tabletop Things

3d maps and scenery including some really amazing ships! Also the best looking D&D 5e tokens I've seen.

Seems like a good day for new accounts and new dice! Who's got new dice recently? Show them in the ! These are from the Orcansee Game Works "Retro Dice" KS.

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