Today is a great day to pickup some s on

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There's a Bundle of Holding for Fate Core up with a bunch of Fate stuff for your gaming and reading pleasure:

I was going to start writing some custom moves for the major artifacts the players are finding, but decided instead to tie them each to a specific compendium class. Time = saved.

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Had another great session of today.
Departing player's character successfully killed.
By a swarm of undead rats.
That he was responsible for creating.

I'll be amazed if my players don't end up destroying this village next session.

The /#TTRPG memes want you to believe that "Crying is a free action", but that's bullshit. Shedding a tear? Maybe. But crying properly? That's a *ritual*.

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When scheduling time to play a ttRPG with adult friends, roll+bonds. If the result is…

10+ Success! A great time was had by all!
7–9 The session happens, but you still haven't worked out that one problem.
6- Reschedule; your GM downloads d6 new RPGs "just to check them out."

Also from today's session, during their recap one of them mistakenly said the undead they'd been seeing in the woods were undead centaurs, and instead of correcting them, I corrected my monster stat notes.

Said the Barbarian Asheema to the Extra (temp player) at the end of today's session: "I saw you take brain damage. You are now one of us."

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Check out this list of over 100 tabletop gaming crafters.

It features dice and dice accessories, gaming jeweler, RPG artwork, miniatures, scenery, board game upgrades and box inserts, overlay and so much more!

Updated 6-2-2021

Another session of completed! Players finished and escaped a dungeon, and had some great campfire RP.

Had a great 2nd session of Unlimited Dungeons today. Lots of good exploration, combat, and characters getting into dangerous situations. Lost a player due to personal preferences, so it's down to 4. And that's just fine, as it's a better player count anyways.

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Stuff in fantasy games like creatures made of ice being resistant to cold-type damage always makes me wonder if humans should be resistant to being hit with meat.

...oh is this why unarmed attacks default to nonlethal damage in d&d/pathfinder

Well, that was awesome. Ran my first (titterpig) in person in over a year, I think. Started a campaign of Unlimited Dungeons, and was expecting 2 players. Ended up with 5! Everyone seemed to love it as well, going it again next weekend!

For the first time in a long while I had to explain the very basic concept of a to someone today.

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I'd submit to this jam, but don't think any of my games on itch are offensive.

Starting 6 months away from home, Just put out a feeler for local RPGers. Gotta get my fix...

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