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I'm really looking forward to the RPG. I've always loved the stuff in Perilous Wilds, but never got the chance to run a game with it. Stonetop should be a good evolution and I hope I get get a game together, hopefully with the playtest materials once they're available.

Spent 90 minutes last night playing + recording a session of Chris McDowall's Space & Solitude with a custom setup. Not sure if I'll ever edit & upload it, since the vocals are kinda bad. :/ My earbud headset's mic kinda sucks, unlike this game.

I have, once again, failed to stop buying RPGs.

I should be playing a video game.
Instead, I've gone down the rabbit hole of setting up Tabletop Simulator for playing a Solo Journaling RPG, complete with a custom 3d-modelled token, and a custom PDF of the rules that I'm not learning how to add a TOC and bookmarks to.

Finished my my first journey of the solo- "A Greeblin's Journey" by Thomas Novosel last night. I'm not one for writing or journaling, but I hope to change that and it was a good reason to do some of both. It's worth checking out if you're into that type of game. Also, one of the cats helped me play.

Just finished up an session of Wild Speed: Space Family by Michael Elliott, and had a blast. Find it here:

Took my first dip into the "actually playing a solo journaling " world this evening using Thomas Novosel's A Greeblin's Journey. It's also the first proper non-practice thing I've written (mostly) legibly right-handed in my 39 years (yep, really) of piloting this meatsuit.

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UPDATED - Master list of tabletop crafters on Etsy

Check out this list of awesome people making awesome things for your games.

Board game component upgrades, box organization, character sheets, dice, dice trays, miniatures, custom artwork, and more!

Please to declare that I've just successfully created a pocketmod template for Affinity Publisher, as well as reproducing a prior pocketmod RPG layout with it! I'm even starting to get the hang of using Styles.

Finally got a chance to play FONT over the weekend, and had a good time with it. GM-less and simple, but also mechanically time-constrained.

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You Are Not Alone
Solo RPG Bundle

100% of proceeds from this bundle (after fees and tax) will be going to Jasper's Game Day, an organization dedicated to making sure people know they're not alone.

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You're playing a RPG with others you don't know well, and you do a group Lines & Veils. Please add to the Google Doc what you would put on the list. If we were all gaming together (because we kind-of are) this would be our list.

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Tonight Sean and I will be talking about great gifts for gamers that are not just more games.

In addition, we've got reviews of a couple of independently published games: Bricks & Brutes and Knot Dice.

Join us at tonight at 9pm Eastern!

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Awesome Tabletop Gaming Stuff on Etsy

We've just updated our Etsy Store List. Find all kinds of gaming upgrades and game adjacent stuff.

Many (30+) of these stores also have holiday weekend sales going on.

Check it out:

I've discovered that I really enjoy making Pitch Decks for RPGs.

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The @itchio Black Friday thing is pretty great.
RT @itchio
This year we're doing something a little different on Black Friday: we're giving our revenue share to developers. For 24 hours you can support your favorite creators more directly than ever before.

Find out how to join in here:

stream-show fans: A group I run tech for is doing another show tonight on Twitch! It's an improv-focused comedy show with a super light RPG system. If that interests you, tune in at 7pm EST at

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