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I wrote a fairly technical thing expounding on why players might choose to operate with different subsystems, mostly thought experiment

You want to get rid of murderhobos?

Give your PCs enduring connections to the community -- family, friends, professional acquaintances, organizations, and so on -- and then don't destroy them for cheap drama.


I wrote a thing on google plus about power level incoherency, Ravenloft, and what makes D&Ds before third edition very enjoyable for me:

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Hey all, here's a link to my newly released collection of games, Let Me Take A Selfie - all games that use selfies to play!
Please share widely!

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people care a heck of a lot about supporting and promoting femme, femme androgynous, and femme-fluid (going all over incl. touching masc) NBs but like I barely see anything ever, from anyone else of any gender, promoting masc-adjacent NBs.

Patreon theory: This will help incentivize me to make the small, weird games that I like making.

Patreon practice: I don't know if this game is small enough or weird enough to count. Better just sit on it.

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‪It’s official - I will be running many sessions of Dead Friend: A Game of Necromancy at Dreamation in NJ in February! Time to stock up on Tarot decks.‬

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@Epidiah @lumpley @paulczege I should really write a sequel game, anyway. XSl is 10 years out of date. It needs playbooks.

On this note, fuck the last season of Longmire SO HARD.

Are westerns, done well, amazing? Sure. But "done well" means a confession of ongoing brutal violence that very few people are willing to think about, let alone understand.

What a good western asks from its audience is, fundamental, something they are not willing to even entertain the idea of. A good western preaches its congregation down to zero.

1) Dogs in the Vineyard is very hard to hack. You'd think it would be easy. It is not easy.

Not RPG related, but something I do that some of you may dig:

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Posers is about young men growing up in rural farming areas who come to understand their own queerness, struggling to find the space within masculine culture that welcomes and accepts them.

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This Christmas, receive the gift of economic uncertainty from Patreon 😠

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@benlehman importing real-world oppressions without examining them bugs me. If I'm going to have to do extra work to swallow sexism in a game setting then we'd better put it out on the table and have everybody do the work to justify its inclusion.

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@benlehman I care nearly-naught for plausiblity in itself; what matters to me is player buy-in. So to the extent that other players at my table care, it matters, but I don't think I have specific peeves in that category.

I love it when someone makes up thoroughly inexplicable setting details and the other players go, "oooh, *yes*."

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