No.1: My name is Jeremy Puckett, and I'm an academic librarian from Kentucky. I'm the sole owner and writer for Blackwing Productions, an indie imprint that publishes through @DriveThruRPG, as well as a participant in the community content program.

Nº2: I'm in Lexington, KY. I've lived here for 20 years, since moving here for college. Before that, I grew up in extremely rural Green County, KY.

Nº3: I started writing fan material for games I loved in high school and just went from there. During the d20 boom, I wrote for a few small press publishers, always looking for my "big break." I finally realized I needed to make my own break and started my own imprint.

Nº4: I would say that my work is primarily focused on niches that I don't see being filled elsewhere, and on adapting existing ideas in weird ways. I write urban fantasy, weird fantasy, space opera, dark modern fantasy, with an eye to social justice and inclusivity.

Nº5: My favorite game to work on is always the one I'm working on *right now*. (That happens to be the modern horror-action setting Children of the Dark.) System-wise, I love designing for as much as I enjoyed Cortex Plus. It's just fun to work with!

Nº6: I've been in love with Balsera-style initiative ever since I got introduced to it in , but I'm just generally in favor of meta-currency. So bennies from , fate points from , that sort of thing. It's a toss-up.

Nº7: I do most of my work from my couch, where my computer is located. When I get a lunch break at my day job, I'm actually working from an office with my laptop. The whole thing is very catch-as-catch-can.

Nº8: I don't have a "routine" as such. I've always wanted to develop one, but the rest of my life is a little too busy. The only consistent thing I do while I write is have music on in the background; I'm a very music-minded person.

Nº9: Sit down in front of my computer. Stare at an empty word processor document. Get annoyed that I can't think of anything. Go about my day. Have a brilliant idea just as I'm ready for bed and have to choose between missing sleep to write it down or risk forgetting it. Repeat.

Nº10: There's something immensely satisfying about just breaking out the soda and pretzels over a game of . I tend to contemplate more when I'm running or , so it's a different kind of enjoyment, but they're the games that give me peace of mind.

Nº11: Socially conscious, feminist, LGTB+ friendly, sex-positive, self-deprecating, and self-aware humor. There was an author a while back that said "Being an asshole gets more sales," or words to that effect. My brand is an effort to prove that wrong each and every day.

More directly, my brand is Blackwing Productions, an imprint on DTRPG that makes Savage Worlds and Cortex stuff. My logo is a black circle with black wing outlines.

Nº12: I publish through DriveThruRPG mostly, though I do a fair bit of fanwork that I really need to create a central clearinghouse for. Pretty soon, I'll be starting a Patreon, and hopefully I'll be able to meet enough goals on that to create a dedicated website.

Nº13: @boymonster is someone who inspires me, without and whom I probably never would have had the motivation to start my own imprint. I'm generally influenced by authors like Stephen King, Brandon Sanderson, and Diane Duane. Alice in Wonderland hit me at a formative age too.

Nº14: Get my Patreon started. Start putting out more than two things a year. Get the Heroes of Terra Kickstarter launched. Make enough money from writing to do it full time. Though I really might as well wish for a pony while I'm at it. XD

Nº15: In private. I work best when I don't have any distractions and can just listen to my music without bothering anyone else. There is a public aspect to my work, in that I tend to release a fair number of previews and "beta" versions before doing a full release.

Nº16: Only in the sense that I tend to share my work before a final release and take public critique on it. Otherwise, I tend to work alone.

Nº17: The constructive kind. I prefer for people to not say "This doesn't work," and instead say, "Here's how this *could* work." If you have a critique, have a fix in mind.

Nº18: Exalted is a big inspiration for non-traditional epic fantasy. I've been reading a lot of Marissa Meyer and Brandon Sanderson lately, so I think they've been influencing me. Listening to a lot of Janelle Monae and Metric. Honestly, I'm kind of a sponge.

Nº19: , without question. I'm writing and designing for Cortex primarily these days. is a close second.

Nº20: I wouldn't be able to survive without Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat Pro, and Adobe Photoshop. I keep telling myself I'm going to learn InDesign one of these days, but I still haven't gotten around to it. Thankfully, none of my layout is hard to do without it.

Nº21: In a perfect world, anything I wrote would get three rounds of playtesting and response before publication. In the real world that I live in, I almost always have to make do with one of my friends glancing over it to say if anything's broken right before it goes to print.


Nº22: I keep a bunch of Google Docs with ideas and notes, then struggle to name them so that I can keep track of what's in each one. I also have bunches of Word documents with half-written games and adventures that I sometimes open up to see if I've got anything for them.

Nº23: Can I just keep saying @boymonster? Also, a huge shoutout to Pinnacle Entertainment Group, and especially Jodi Black, who was so gracious when I approached them about a license. Same with Monica Valentinelli, who was amazing to work with through Margaret Weis Productions.

Nº24: I'm still incredibly proud to have been the first person granted a third-party license to publish material for Cortex Plus, but then I'm proud of all I've done since starting my imprint. It's been tough but rewarding. I hope that bigger and better things lie in store!

Nº25: Being your own biggest fan and your own worst critic. Having a dozen good ideas and only time to work on 0.75 of them at once. Giving your job as "writer" or "designer" even though you put in most of your hours at your "day job."

Nº26: I used to run a blog but I let it lapse when I started my professional career. I figure I'll start documenting again when I start my Patreon. I'm looking to start up a podcast soonish. As far as things I follow, I'm currently listening to the Sponsored by Nobody podcast.

Nº27: There are so many good ones out there. I could mention TK Nyarlathotep or Deanna Gilbert or @Epidiah or @boymonster among many, many others. What about Tim Bannock and Monica Valentinelli and Fred Hicks? I can't pick just one! And anyone I missed, I'm sorry!

Nº28: I don't read a lot of interviews, so I really can't think of one off the top of my head. Sorry I don't have a clever or insightful answer for today!

Nº29: I don't belong to just one community. I'm a writer, a librarian, a designer, a member of the human race. If I had to pick which ones I belong to the most, I'd say, the social justice movement, the fandom, and the design community.

Nº30: Never give up. Work at it every day. To be a writer, you have to *write*. You don't have to produce something constantly, but you should always be doing *something* to improve your craft, even if that's just gaining life experience and thinking. And most important: be kind.

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