The third patrons-only preview of Children of the Dark is now available on my ! Check it out!

In addition to running a Patreon for my game writing, I've also started creating T-shirts. Big props to my bro-in-law Justin Yap for the artwork on my first one! If you're interested in such things, check it out!

I just added a poll to my to let my patrons pick which of my projects sounds most exciting to them. If you want to influence my creative direction, head on over there!

The episode is perhaps the most fair and accurate representation of role-playing I've ever seen in media. <3

If you haven't signed onto my yet, you're missing out. I've already posted up the first three (unedited) chapters of Children of the Dark for , and I'll be posting up more this next week. You should really check it out.

Dear person who paid 6 cents for one of my PWYW products on DTRPG: I want to believe that you did this because that's all you could afford, so thank you for that. On the other hand, my publisher account no longer ends in a neat 0, so that's driving me a little nuts.

I apparently picked the *perfect* day to join . Last night, there was some sort of support issue with payments, and a bunch of people got their credit cards declined and fraud notices sent to their banks. I have no way of knowing if that happened to any of you, so you should check that ASAP and make sure you're still pledged.

Whether you're pledging or not, I'd really appreciate signal boosting for this. Thanks!

Okay, time to do this thing for real. Even if you don't pledge, it would help a lot if you shared this post and boosted the signal.

Despite my many years as a role-player, I still feel somewhat deprived since I've never once gotten to play .

Nº30: Never give up. Work at it every day. To be a writer, you have to *write*. You don't have to produce something constantly, but you should always be doing *something* to improve your craft, even if that's just gaining life experience and thinking. And most important: be kind.

Nº29: I don't belong to just one community. I'm a writer, a librarian, a designer, a member of the human race. If I had to pick which ones I belong to the most, I'd say, the social justice movement, the fandom, and the design community.

Nº28: I don't read a lot of interviews, so I really can't think of one off the top of my head. Sorry I don't have a clever or insightful answer for today!

Nº27: There are so many good ones out there. I could mention TK Nyarlathotep or Deanna Gilbert or @Epidiah or @boymonster among many, many others. What about Tim Bannock and Monica Valentinelli and Fred Hicks? I can't pick just one! And anyone I missed, I'm sorry!

Nº26: I used to run a blog but I let it lapse when I started my professional career. I figure I'll start documenting again when I start my Patreon. I'm looking to start up a podcast soonish. As far as things I follow, I'm currently listening to the Sponsored by Nobody podcast.

Nº25: Being your own biggest fan and your own worst critic. Having a dozen good ideas and only time to work on 0.75 of them at once. Giving your job as "writer" or "designer" even though you put in most of your hours at your "day job."

Nº24: I'm still incredibly proud to have been the first person granted a third-party license to publish material for Cortex Plus, but then I'm proud of all I've done since starting my imprint. It's been tough but rewarding. I hope that bigger and better things lie in store!

Nº23: Can I just keep saying @boymonster? Also, a huge shoutout to Pinnacle Entertainment Group, and especially Jodi Black, who was so gracious when I approached them about a license. Same with Monica Valentinelli, who was amazing to work with through Margaret Weis Productions.

Nº22: I keep a bunch of Google Docs with ideas and notes, then struggle to name them so that I can keep track of what's in each one. I also have bunches of Word documents with half-written games and adventures that I sometimes open up to see if I've got anything for them.

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