Thanks a ton to @kasshelfant (and others) for reporting questionable and spammy accounts!

Thank you to @blinks and @olde_fortran for their review of my game "The Minus Touch" in their round-up of their One HP Game Jam:

(BTW: it was Markdown via Pandoc:

Looking forward to checking out the rest of the games, especially Hit+Die by @JasonT

Thanks all, for the reports! I continue to appreciate the community keeping things clean. :)

Silenced a whole domain this morning due to spam.

I appreciate your reports! Thanks for keeping the instance sane.

♲ A rule is like a joke.
If you need to explain it, maybe it's not that good.

The Turn PDF is available to backers through BackerKit! It will go up for sale on DriveThru,, and more later this week!

Print production starts soon!

"i have been reading Engels: The Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State and BOY DO I HAVE SOME IDEAS FOR HOW AN ORC SOCIETY WOULD RUN"

-- an Orc player in my Burning Wheel game.

A compiler goes to the doctor. Says it can't compile code. Says it doesn't have enough libraries and machine-dependent pieces to get things working. Doctor says "Treatment is simple. Get yourself a bootstrap compiler paglia-gcc. Use that to compile yourself". Compiler bursts into tears. Says "But doctor, I am the bootstrap compiler. paglia-gcc"

Otherwise, I think we'll be playing The Gift.

I'm one short of a full game of The Inheritance today -- anyone free at 1pm-ish in the (Eastside) Seattle area?

Sorry for the downtime folks! I'm on leave and busy with family stuff. @blinks stepped up and solved it. And since he's amazing, he wrote a post-mortem:

True about tabletop RPGs too.
"We didn't need as much content as we wanted to write... when you take out 60% of the content what's left is the good stuff."

Once you've deleted three tweets in a row it's time to call it a night.

♲ So, here is my call to action: If you are a women, we actively encourage you to contact us to work on a design project. It does not matter that you have not designed a game from, say, the 80s. If you have an old game that you are interested in restoring, please pitch us on it....

Not game design, but design at least;

Last half-dozen songs are my RPM Challenge album for 2019! Recorded the last one tonight.

Keeping a team for 15 years on a project that was planned to take 90 days. I celebrate NASA for this. And I am also reminded of a lot of IT projects that work in similar ways ;)

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