♲ @RestorationGame@twitter.com: So, here is my call to action: If you are a women, we actively encourage you to contact us to work on a design project. It does not matter that you have not designed a game from, say, the 80s. If you have an old game that you are interested in restoring, please pitch us on it....

Not game design, but design at least;


Last half-dozen songs are my RPM Challenge album for 2019! Recorded the last one tonight.

Keeping a team for 15 years on a project that was planned to take 90 days. I celebrate NASA for this. And I am also reminded of a lot of IT projects that work in similar ways ;)

On one hand, asking a RPG designer about their next project is the best question. "I really like your stuff. Tell me more." On the other hand, it's the most crushing question. "Don't tell me you're tapped out? I guess you weren't the inspired creator I thought you were."

If you're following me on dice.camp (Mastodon), please also follow me as @paulczege
It's my identity address on Friendica. Because of federation you can follow it right in Mastodon (whether you're using Friendica or not) and then you'll see everything I post from it as well.
With the shuttering of Google+ I may gradually start using it more. It lets me share to groups, and has a higher character limit for posts.

This one's almost entirely modular (exception is the organ). Sampled the Grandmother's spring reverb to get a good convolutional source, too!


A test of my ability to use the modular as a send effect:


On the plus side, this isn't too difficult. On the minus side, makes a performance difficult to record.

My wargaming partner and I have been exploring Tom Russell's _Supply Lines of the American Revolution_ for the last couple weeks. It's a fascinating take on the American Revolution that manages to pack a lot of the feels of how logistics informs the campaign of 18th century armies into a very lightweight system. The green cubes are food, the tan "war supplies" and you need both for an army to operate.

if you are in Portland and want a pile of vinyl records, a turntable, a pile of board games, a nice podcasting mic and external audio interface, a 16 pad midi controller, and/or some raspberry pis

I need to get rid of stuff. figured I'd post it here before i post it on the free page of CL

We're funded already! Thanks so much everyone, I'm so excited we get to make this outrageous game-on-an-album-cover a reality! kickstarter.com/projects/epidi

was tearing my hair out yesterday for HOURS trying to diagnose a programming bug last evening. i went to sleep, woke up, had a cup of coffee, looked at it for literally 5 minutes, and fixed it immediately

if youre a newbie programmer, the best advice i can give you is just... go the fuck to sleep honestly

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Making sure my war game is anti-fascist Show more

Making sure my war game is anti-fascist Show more

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