I’ve started telling everyone about the benefits of eating dried grapes. It’s all about raisin awareness.

The Midsummer Lands – Hex Map 5

The Summerlands River runs through most of this area, with fungal towers on one side, the Urvelm Plateau on the other, and a number of smaller settlements and weird places to explore...


Listening to The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity by David Graeber and David Wengrow.

Ever felt like you've been lied to about, well, literally everything about the causes of the European Enlightenment?

Read this book and enjoy this feeling.


It’s Wednesday, so I’m modifying Bandcamp Friday with some electrical tape and popsicle sticks to share my SoundCloud!

I make weird electronic experimental music because I have a kink for people not listening to it.


Because Mastodon posts have a longer half-life for getting attention as well as a larger character limit, and because the threading here is *okay* but not a focus...

I suspect very strongly that the core way to pitch a thing you've made here (a game I wrote!) is actually to write a good, public, standalone pitch for it (with art/photo, link, and a hashtag or two) - and NOT to do "Self promo day" threads and other group hustle.

Which... I hope that's right.

A response to a DM's Academy Subreddit question about originality in gaming and an example concerning a dwarven mining company.



Dreaming of the Mastodon future, here’s a feature I’d love to see. The ability to Follow a specific post. Now and then I see someone ask a question or start a discussion, and I don’t have anything to add, but I’d like to see how it develops. And be notified when there are responses. And I’d also like to see _all_ the replies, not just the ones that happen to make it to my server.

This is a thing I do on Slack often, tag a post with “notify me of replies”.

I’ve recently read The Black Hack 2e and I am now reading Ironsworn in between other reads, and they are a couple of the best RPG rulebooks I’ve seen for learning the rules from combined with basic reference needs. Both are concise without being monotonous or soulless. Ironsworn also does a great job presenting a setting in a minimal but evocative way. Neither is perfect (what is perfect, after all), but they are definitely among my pool of rulebooks to read to learn how to do rulebooks well.

... I swear I'll write up some things on game design here.

Got a group of designers working on understanding complexity in board games with the aim of providing labels for common problems and advice.

Assembled a new tree for our pandemic cats' second birthday and 😅

Because I hate you, I think I will design a ttrpg that you will desperately want to play, but no one else will.

I remembered how some people tried to paint encouraging people to try TTRPGs other than D&D as "gatekeeping" and like is there a snappy term for when people walk up to a gate and try to open it even wider?

@tabletophotdish The Forge laid the ground for ttrpg commerce today. We were the first scene to sell our games direct when paypal was new, the first scene to sell our games as pdfs when pdfs were new, and the first scene to produce our games print on demand when pod was new.

The problems we tackled, everybody still tackles today. Our good ideas are conventional wisdom now, which is fine and good...

An idea that stuck with me from the philosophy-of-games book "Games: Agency as Art" is the notion that all art goes beyond the materials and includes a prescriptive frame. A painting isn't just canvas/pigments, it includes idea that you look at it from the front (if you look from the back or taste it without looking you may have engaged with the materials but not the artwork). To experience a game you need to engage the temporary local values (eg care about winning in a competitive game).

So, is this place like Discord where you say good night when you log out, or like Twitter where you just disappear for 6 days?

Is there a game or engine y'all would recommend to run impactful cinematic duels and swordy fight scenes? Level of crunch isn't terribly important, though preferably mid to low. I'm looking for dynamic fights where how you choose to attack or defend matters, though whether that is by choosing maneuvers or through some kind of narrative mechanism I'm not too particular.

Seeing a lot of people weirded out that "Masto admins can read your DMs!"

Unless it's end-to-end encrypted, any admin of any system you use — Twitter, Facebook, Slack, GMail, etc — can do that.

hope this helps

I LOVE elegant game design, and about 15 years ago I wrote far too much about it on my old gaming blog. If I rewrote it now, it would be about 2500 words.

The big misconception about elegance in game design is that it = simplicity but it doesn’t. Inelegant simple games are boring and you can also have elegance in complexity. It’s about the cleanliness of the systems and getting them to work well together to create emergent effects and consequential gameplay out of proportion to the complexity.

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