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Adam Blinkinsop

Prototype map for my grand strategic Napoleonic Wars game.

Like a dozen counters on the map, maximum, each tired to an army leader card off-map with infantry, cavalry, and/or artillery tokens.

Deck of cards to activate armies for movement or attack, where each card is also a simplistic tactical map.

A while back I built a site that converts RSS feeds to ActivityPub actors that you can subscribe to from Mastodon and other ActivityPub-compliant social networks:

I've now also published the source code:

Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea is great, if you can handle the chaos and politics -- it has a similar feel to the old Avalon Hill Civilization, but with less set collection and more take-that.

I think the mode I'm most interested in is the exploration-style solo mode, which could also be played co-op with a small group.

Do you think we're in the new glory days of tabletop RPGs? A while back I said I think we're at the beginning of a trajectory that will play out over the next thirty years. You know how I know it's true? Because there's not yet a comparative literature of tabletop RPGs. No one's writing articles like "Hope and Entropy in the RPGs of Vincent Baker," or any comparative articles about race and racism, politics in worldbuilding, or other themes...

Today, got to play Gandhi (near final components), a new six-faction COIN (late play testing), Pax Renaissance, Glory to Rome, Tank Duel (near final components) and War Chest, among others.

And it's the lightest day of the con.

Hey! I'm Paul Riddle, gamer nerd and creator of Undying. As with a lot of you, I'm looking to Mastodon as a go forward plan. If you knew me from g+, please friend me here too, thanks!

so maybe now #mastodon can be my replacement for Google+. who posts #RPG stuff I should be following?

Ok, so now I need to follow a bunch of people here to talk about roleplaying games, history, de-colonization, how cool rocks are, probably some other stuff. I guess ping this if that sounds cool to you and I'll follow you back?

En Garde!

En Garde! is an early GM-less RPG. It's nominally set in 17th century Paris, France. The games moves in weeks and you have a few things your character can do.

There is a period of boundless negotiation with other players before you write your orders. Then there is a big revel of your orders. Followed by rolling on tables to see the outcome.

All the fiction is emergent from those tables and all the word building is encoded there as well.

FWIW I know tons of people on Google+ who really value their relationships there and the platform. This is gonna be a blow to a lot of people. (These people are 100% tabletop game designers and enthusiasts. I don't know of any other community that gives two shits about Google+.) (My homies on know this, most of them are also on Google+)

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What really pisses me off about the shuttering of G+ is that the community of folks that are there have limited options to rebuild those communities. And part of the reason those communities came together was because G+ was forced on Google users so it felt like a "safe" option.

And now they're going to be dispersed. I wouldn't know half of the RPG community without G+.

Wizard magic is like playing a classical symphony: careful, precise, intellectual. You study hard, practice endless hours, and don't deviate from the instructions in the book.

Sorcerer magic is like jazz: wild, driven by emotion and what you feel deep inside, improvisational and create and unique to the performer.

Warlock magic is like the blues: you get good at it because you literally sold your soul to the Devil late one night at a deserted crossroads, then you regret that bargain.

En Garde! -- if you can figure out how to make a character and send it my way, you can be in the alpha playtest.

(We'll -- that is, Chris Bennett and I -- be posting updates to -> so if you don't want to play, you can still follow the narrative there.)

"One day," the dragon said, "this will be a world without dragons, and you will all be poorer for it."
The knight eyed the hoard. "Or richer."
"All of you?" the dragon laughed.
The knight bowed his head in defeat and left.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Turns out the Mouse Guard brings in outside contractors for the tough jobs #WYFFcast #Root