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Adam Blinkinsop

The whole "yanny or laurel" thing?

Those of us with auditory processing disorders live like that all the time, with every damn thing you say.

On an attribute auction in RPGs, Dreams in particular:

Great for getting some "unknowability" out of a diceless system, though difficult to get a handle on the procedure.

"There are five elements to a successful ritual: triggers, intention spell, script, enactment, and props. These five elements define a narrative arc and purpose for ritual. (a more detailed post on ritual mechanics is in the works!)." --


Friend to friend: When you make a release please take a few minutes to make a human-readable changelog of what has changed since the last release?

Your commit-messages are not a changelog.

Let me re-iterate:

Your commit-messages are _not_ a changelog.

A changelog allows me to follow what you were thinking between releases.

A commit log shows me your keystrokes between releases.

I need to know what you were thinking.

Thank you.

Can I recruit at least six players for a play-by-plus kreigsspiel? I'm going for a Napoleonic-era dark fantasy feel, but the details of the rules are still in flux.

If you're in, respond on G+:

If we have enough, I'll start two large posts there for general conversation & rules, and small posts for status & orders.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it... Show more

Constellation is multiplayer Snakes as a roll-and-write. (2 to 5 players, needs 7d6, the print-and-play, and some pens.)

For a one-pager with necessarily minimal rules:

(If you have questions, ask away!)

Hey all!

*Turn* is updated as of today with some new language in the roles and archetypes, an addition of the first part of the player's guide, and some text corrections and additional rules explanation. Please do check it out!

(okay to share!)

Since it was mentioned on Twitter, it's a good time to announce Script Change is on free to download in an easy-to-print format!

A minimalistic cover of Radiohead's Creep. (Mostly trying to immersion-treat my way out of the terrifying thought of recording and releasing vocals.)

A _super_ rough draft of patterns in game design.

Was inspired to start writing these down by Ludology ep. 173, and it just won't stop coming.

If you have additions, I'd love pull requests at

Question for you folks, does anyone know where the "games are software that runs on people" quote came from?

I want to cite a source, but I'm having trouble finding it.

Hey all you Dice Campers and Indie Digital Game devs... check out the latest Humble Book Bundle all about Game Studies!

9: process.

1. I make the smallest playable thing, then play it. 9 out of 10 ideas die here.
2. I pick something I didn't like, and change it, and repeat.
3. I can't converge, and it dies. FIN

(Trying _so hard_ not to let this happen to Exile.)

8: routine.

Ditto to NightSkyGames here:

Except my "talk it out" group is like, whoever I can coerce into sitting down and playing it?

7: workspace?

Wherever I can pull out my notebook. Laptop is harder, because it's so easy to slip into distraction.

A dedicated workspace for RPGs might be nice, actually.

Problem is that pen writing is a pain to transfer to the web, and computer writing is a pain to stay focused.

I will post my answers here as well as twitter, as per request. They will be late, though.