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Adam Blinkinsop

so maybe I'll be using mastodon instead of twitter now

or maybe nothing at all

I'm considering options and one is doing a email newsletter but it's not public and I like the idea of the content being public.


not sure, I liked twitter cause you can shit post AND do a serious post and they can equally reach who you want to

mastodon feels like I'm shouting into the void most of the time

Found it!

Reign -- read it recently after @briecs 's interview.

Does anyone here know of an RPG where the resolution mechanism is dice pool but you're looking for sets of numbers?

I remember it saying something about how you could get several characteristics out of a set, like height and width, but I can't remember where I read it...

It's been a while since I joined, so here's my .

I'm Sangjun! I write things related to RPGs. It's not like I'm published or anything. I am also from Korea and I make it a point to know about what's happening here RPG-wise. If you want to know anything related to that, let me know.

I am also working on One Card RPGs. I'll be making a mini-RPG a day, short enough to fit in the preview image (of Twitter). Do you mind if I share them on Mastodon as well?

After a score, each player draws two more cards, and the scoring team leads the next rally.

There are no suits, so only sets and runs matter. A larger set or run beats a smaller set or run. A higher set/run beats a lower one (2 5s beats 2 3s, but 3 3s beats 2 5s).

A set vs. a run (or vice versa) loses unless you play more cards. That is, the serve/return beats the bump.

Play to 11 points.

Volleyball, a ladder-climbing game for two teams of two and a deck of cards where 1-8 show up six times.

Deal 8 per player and choose one team to serve by playing one or more cards in a set or run, and choosing the opponent to return.

From then on, teams return with up to three plays (no double-touch):

- bump, 1+ cards to beat the serve/return.
- set (optional), 1 card.
- spike, 1+ cards, add to set for return.

After return, draw 1 each. When a team can't return, the other scores a point.

The development of a new COIN game spawns an excellent essay about nonviolence

A helpful guide for introductions in social situations:

Looks like it's a code issue, not a server issue, based in backup restores

Yo, all: is having troubles right now, but Sage and I are looking at it.

Shrimp scampi!

Easy and quick with fresh pasta -- but will my family wake up in time to get any?

"Critical Hits in the Classroom:
How Teachers Use Dungeons & Dragons in Education"

"In Apocalypse World, the player’s dice roll also serves as the GM’s dice roll." - J. Tweet

From the G+ [], I don't think I've ever heard it put this way.

Anyone here had a chance to play Coffee Talk?

Between it and Cultist Simulator I'm getting itchy to build my own weird-interface narrative game.

RAINING DOWN from the VAULT of HEAVEN come words, staining with ink the upturned faces of all who look up in awe.

They tell all who can read that the time has arrived: The BLOODY-HANDED NAME of BRONZE Kickstarter is alive and it roams the world between heaven and the Waters of the Underworld!

Exile is now filtering ideas from Inheritance, Swords Without Master, and Undying (along with Blades in the Dark as before).

All sorts of good times.

It's a _pain_ to test an Inheritance-like game.