The Torchbearer blog [] linked two good old-school-style adventures today: The Beacon at Enon Tor, and Skogenby (included with Torchbearer).

I'm borrowing Tales from the Yawning Portal from my friend @Seacitygamer , and I've got B1 (In Search of the Unknown) and A0-4 I mentioned earlier.

What other OSR-style adventures should I be taking a look at?

@blinks @Seacitygamer

White Plume Mountain, Dwimmermount, and Village of Hommlet are ones I reworked for Torchbearer.

Also some Empire of the Petal Throne weirdness.

White Plume Mountain is also revised in the Yawning Portal, I think... And Hommlet I *know* I've seen.

Where can I find your work?

@blinks sadly it is lost in the shit show that is g+ now. The search feature is terrible.

I still have some paper notes somewhere.

Largely it is about reducing the dungeons to thematic areas and building out the test/challenges from there.

That kind of thing is exactly the kind of adaptation I'm looking for! Perhaps just a picture of your notes?

@blinks Yeah, I am cleaning up the game/art room this weekend. So I'll see what I can dig up for ya.


Purple Wyrm Graveyard by Tony Dowler is the best by far!

I also recommend looking outside dnd stuff too.

I used a couple MERP modules and those worked well (Ghosts on Anduin? Mirkwood Supplements).

I want to try taking some classic runequest stuff (Haunted Hills, Snakepipe Hollow) and use that if/when I play Torchbearer again.

@questingace Tony's just generally excellent, I'll have to give it a look! (This one, yeah?

I'm mostly looking for dungeons to try with my own OSR system. 😛


That's the one! It's one of my favorites, I'm sad I lost my slim physical copy somewhere. :(

Oh, my bad, I thought it was a TB question. Haha. :P

@blinks Matt Finch's _Tomb of the God_ is one of my favorite OSR style adventures. It was recently done for 5e, but look for the original Swords & Wizardry version.

@rafial @blinks Yup I'll second that one too. It's pretty great. I'd actually start with that one.

@blinks @Seacitygamer Oh and pretty much any dungeon by Michael Prescott is already to roll with minor mechanical work.

Such as

Five adventures in the Tannòch isles.

@blinks @Seacitygamer So Sunday is my day for this. Do you want to tackle a Prescott dungeon or a module?

Just a dungeon -- primarily around keeping that old-school feel while removing the toil and vagaries of the old school rules.

Gonna get the finished product on That's where I'd put that kind of work!

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