Life is Strange: Before the Storm is wonderful.

Not a lot of Mastodon posts. Spent the past 3 weeks in New Zealand. May affect our future plans.

Sentinel Comics RPG Starter Kit. Twenty bucks. Ask for it at your local game store.

Reminded again how much I love the Peter Jackson LOTR movies.

Moldvay Basic set D&D! I encountered some goblins and tried to tell them we were just making a movie. My buddy who was also playing got mad for breaking immersion. This continues to this day.

Gladdened to see Australia catch up to New Zealand on marriage equality!🌈

Hey! I’m Cam. I’m a tabletop RPG writer, designer, developer & publisher. While working at Margaret Weis Productions I designed & developed dozens of books, as well as the Leverage, Smallville, & Marvel Heroic RPGs. At Atlas Games I’m the developer for Feng Shui 2, Unknown Armies 3, and Over the Edge 3.

At my own company Magic Vacuum Design Studio I’m creating the Cortex Prime RPG after a successful Kickstarter.

I love movies, comics, Fallout, Destiny, & my family.

Hey all, I've made the decision to close WvAC on 2017/12/31.
Our site moderator has closed user registrations, and I've removed the Patreon page for the instance.
From conversations I've seen on the public feed, there are some active RPG-oriented instances out there so finding a new home should be pretty easy.
Thanks to everyone who posted here since we went live back in May, and *especially* to @radix for his support via Patreon.

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