@neuroplastic _Hackers_ and _What the Dormouse Said_ are such great examples of hard work that was skimmed for profitability and then forcibly buried. You even see some of it in _Revolution in the Valley_ and _iWoz_.

The engineers who believe that good ideas win out in the end are invariably wrong. It’s the profitable byproducts of those ideas that win out.

It’s the social movements, *backed* by those engineers that win out. Capitalism doesn’t have to be the movement.

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For folks looking, you can search for local abortion funds here: abortionfunds.org/funds/

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If you are a streamer, especially one with an audience, I urge you to talk about reproductive rights today. Inform. Inform young viewers, especially men, about the basic human right that is being stripped from people who can become pregnant. Abortion is a human right.

In the new Obi-Wan series, the combination of constant casual murder, execution, and torture with the absolute certain safety of the main characters makes me a little nauseated. The irrelevance of the lives of anyone but the main characters is unpleasant in the extreme.

Worst. Effluent. Imaginable.

(Text by Skerples, map by some weirdo)

This diagram makes you sound like a droid or a Jawa, depending on the setting on the left.

This is PlugData, a development of Pure Data that has a far cleaner interface and integrates a ton of plugins for doing fairly sophisticated sound work.

Once I'm fairly confident this is all working as it should (it's under very active development) I'm going to try getting it to compile to a Daisy Seed microcontroller to make standalone synths and modules.

@bradjmurray Honestly, I want to see how microcontroller-compatible I can get the language to be. It can already talk to Daisy($30, modern, extremely sound/analog-friendly) and Arduino($3, archaic, slow, no DAC), but there could be sweet spots in between with ESP32 ($8, DAC&ADC), RasPi2040($4, ADC), and the huge range of ARM chips.

One of my long term plans is for my student with cerebral palsy to be able to program devices to mod her wheelchair so she has control over her physical existence.

I have a lot of little barriers in my life, things that are inexplicably hard for me to do. They likely relate to mourning and I am trying to beat a few a week. Today's successes:

* ran the dishwasher. Sounds like nothing but it was weirdly impossible--I've been washing by hand for a couple of years. No leaks! I wonder what dishes I have.

* tracked my PT. I used to track max counts for curls and push-ups and such but I stopped. I started tracking again and immediately improved. Lesson learned.

@rgegriff yeah, I'm not interested in the "x is millions times more powerful than moon lander"

sorry, but the Apollo 11 computer is more powerful because of what it did with so little

great, you got a pocket computer with some apps, cool

some teens repaired an old laptop to run their community garden automated irrigation system? now that's powerful

Someone carved the alphabet into a tree and let it deform for five years and made a font out of it: bjoernkarmann.dk/occlusion-gro

Illuminated font test:

I whipped up a test letter (as two characters), and then produced this picture by typing "A", changing the font color to red, and then typing "a".

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