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P.S. Beyond supporting the Thoughty and Leading with Class Patreons above or hiring me, you can tip me at,, or The Thoughty direct tip jar is

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Brief promo:

I'm a designer and editor for RPGs, and I also write about games on I can do

- mechanics design
- setting design
- proofreading
- line editing
- developmental editing
- sensitivity reading/diversity consultation (mental health, physical disability - primarily invisible illnesses), queerness, nonbinary identity)
- basic theory analysis
- interviews on design & industry
- game text product reviews (tip jar)

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My pronouns are they/them or he/him, I'm genderfluid nonbinary masculine, I'm polyamorous and have two partners, and I like Shadowrun a lot.

Currently playing: Shadowrun 3e, D&D 5e, Turn, Turn, Monsterhearts 2

Hopefully that tells you a lot about what you might want to know about me! Please feel free to ask and get to know me, I'm a professional AND a person!


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Hey all! Promo posts!

I run Thoughty at & fund all of the interviews, game design, & articles thru This right now is my only consistent income, & takes a lot of time. Thoughty has over 200 interviews!

I do game design, consulting, & editing, and you can find my work history and rates here: I consult on queerness, disability/chronic pain, gender identity (nonbinary, masculine), and mental illness (bipolar disorder, anxiety, PTSD).


Hey y'all don't forget this rad project headed up by my partner John W. Sheldon that I'm a part of! It is such a fun idea and it's gonna be gorgeous! Help make it happen!

Just a reminder to check out the cool experimental RPG art zine, Homunculus Assembly Line, on Kickstarter today!

I’ve launched a new project on Kickstarter that’s being led by
@JohnWSheldon - Homunculus Assembly Line, an experimental art zine for tabletop roleplaying games!

Please understand it's not that I don't wanna bring joy and stuff for all y'all, it's just that streaming does take energy and I'm running low on positive vibes to start!)

Heyyyyy we will actually have blog posts coming soon or something!

Friday Hi-Day had nooooo responses for this week! So what I'm gonna do is just do it next week and try to promote it better next week! Fill out the form at! :heart:

(Doing an empty stream feels really weird and creepy and I can't manufacture fake enthusiasm! I'm sorry! :heart:

There was supposed to be a Friday Hi-Day today! I just legitimately forgot in the waves of not-doing-okay I've been riding. I promise to do it next week. Want to recognize someone in games for doing something awesome or for something important? Fill out!

I am genuinely sorry for missing doing the stream. I haven't been feeling well and it got me off schedule. I hope you all can understand!

Beau Sheldon (@briecs) got a Metatopia scholarship but is having trouble getting the funds together to go. Please support them. They're doing amazing work in the RPG community helping marginalized and underrepresented creators.,, or

@maloki Hi, I'm Craig Maloney. I do presentations and help maintain Tootstream. I'm also writing a book "The Mediocre Programmer" which will be released soon.

@briecs does live streaming and highlights many different tabletop RPGs on the site "Thoughty". Support them on their Patreon:

(Thanks for this awesome idea!)

Going live in ~8 minutes at to do the Friday Hi-Day stream! Stop by to hear this week's recognitions and what's up on Thoughty!

Has someone in games done something you'd like to recognize? Would you like to congratulate or praise someone? Fill out the Friday Hi-Day form by 11am Eastern tomorrow (7/12) & I'll boost them on my stream btwn 12p-2p at Please RT!

Turn is now up on for purchase! Turn is a slice-of-life, supernatural roleplaying game for three to six people (2-5 players, 1 town manager) that focuses on the lives of shapeshifters who live secretly in small towns with their friends and family. Buy now!

Hey a reminder that every Friday I'm doing a brief stream to recognize people in the gaming community for their work and good behavior! Submit your recognition-ee here:!

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