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Turn is a slice-of-life supernatural roleplaying game about shapeshifters in small towns, who seek balance between their beast & human identity & find community with other shifters and mundanes alike. We're funded but pursuing stretch goals! Check it out:

Ends November 30!

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P.S. Beyond supporting the Thoughty and Leading with Class Patreons above or hiring me, you can tip me at,, or The Thoughty direct tip jar is

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Brief promo:

I'm a designer and editor for RPGs, and I also write about games on I can do

- mechanics design
- setting design
- proofreading
- line editing
- developmental editing
- sensitivity reading/diversity consultation (mental health, physical disability - primarily invisible illnesses), queerness, nonbinary identity)
- basic theory analysis
- interviews on design & industry
- game text product reviews (tip jar)

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My pronouns are they/them or he/him, I'm genderfluid nonbinary masculine, I'm polyamorous and have two partners, and I like Shadowrun a lot.

Currently playing: Shadowrun 3e, D&D 5e, Turn, Turn, Monsterhearts 2

Hopefully that tells you a lot about what you might want to know about me! Please feel free to ask and get to know me, I'm a professional AND a person!


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Hey all! Promo posts!

I run Thoughty at & fund all of the interviews, game design, & articles thru This right now is my only consistent income, & takes a lot of time. Thoughty has over 200 interviews!

I do game design, consulting, & editing, and you can find my work history and rates here: I consult on queerness, disability/chronic pain, gender identity (nonbinary, masculine), and mental illness (bipolar disorder, anxiety, PTSD).


I'm going to try to apply for loan discharge because of my disabilities but I don't know if I'm disabled "enough." I hate that we're in this situation. We tried to make good choices.

Anyway, if you can spare a few bucks to help us recover from the initial hit and brace for the oncoming one and the unpaid week of no work John has to do over Christmas, we'd really appreciate it.

Thank you to all for any and all support 💜

We both did community college (mine out of pocket), I took a job that paid tuition for my AS & some of my BS, and John served in the Army Reserve to pay for college, but it's so expensive we've both been left with tens of thousands of dollars in debt (over $100k between us).

With my health, paying the loans back will be impossible, and John is struggling to find work that will pay enough to support us, handle my medical bills & expenses, and also pay our loans.

If this keeps up I may need to reopen our GoFundMe. Fed Loan is behind on processing income payment plans, putting us at risk of significant hits in the meantime. I appreciate they're trying to help us resolve this - I SUPER do - but the financial impact of these loans is a lot.

Few people who graduate college these days find jobs that pay well enough to offset the loans they had to take out, and John and I both worked hard to take out as few loans as we could.

Fed Loan is trying to resolve our loan issue where we were charged like 2x+ John's normal payment, but if things don't process perfectly we'll get hit with another large payment. If you have a few extra bucks,

Tomorrow around noontime I hope stream some of my work on Turn edits/clarifications at The biggest writing/desogn task I need to do is create detailed definitions for all of the bits and pieces, & that's what I plan to start tackling!

Also, a Turn update!

Please RT!

My face is bad and I feel bad.

But I have a cool World Wide Wrestling shirt.

I'm just feeling it sharply today. I spend a lot of time working on games. I'm now officially in two podcast/stream games, which are fun but are work. But all my regular games with my friends either hiatus or shit the bed. I seem to be the common denominator. :/

Like one or all of the people just fading away or losing interest or being too busy or having a life crisis.

I just wish.

(This is especially in regards to my own games.)

I wish I ever got to like play through a game instead of having like some sessions and the whole thing dying.

The new Indie RPG Pipeline is live!
(link: theindierpgpipeline.blogspot.c)
Through the Pipeline, I look to help spread the word of new indie tabletop roleplaying games being released and going into crowdfunding. You can follow by blog, rss feed or by daily email digest.

Hi! Been meaning to join for a while, but didn't get around to it until just now. I've made a couple smaller games, and I just released a single player RPG called Alone Among the Stars. It's a short game about exploring fantastic planets and recording what you discover. On at and the rules read out loud with timestamps are at Nice to meet y'all!

I'm live on to answer your questions and poke at the schedule a little to see what to work on next, with an announcement about December plans.

My body's reaction to a finished Kickstarter is apparently the shittiest night of sleep leading to hurling all morning & having to fitfully nap all afternoon all so I could slurp Top Ramen broth & hope the errant noodles stay down.

I'm very grateful @JohnWSheldon cares for me.

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