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About Me & My Work!
They/them or He/him - I'm genderfluid nonbinary masc, polyam with 2 partners.

Games blog w/over 250 interviews @ & – hit up contact page for interviews!

Leading with Class @ – contact me for workshops!

Game Design, Design & Sensitivity Consulting AND
Photography & Modeling @

Horror erotica @ – 18+!

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Find games I've designed at including Turn, Let Me Take a Selfie, I love you and I adore you, & Behind the Masc, the zine of non-cis masculine game design that Kickstarter used as an example for the first Zinequest! LMTaS is also on IPR & DriveThruRPG!

You can also look on DriveThruRPG for Of the Woods: Lonely Games of Imagination –proceeds go to the Trevor Project to support queer youth!

Support directly:

Alert: Ben Chong/Swordsnflowers Sex Offender CW - sexual assault, sexual harassment, manipulation, and implications of underage assault or attempts Show more

I am VERY proud of this transforming werewolf so please treat me like an baby but some positive feedback would be really appreciated!

Done with greyscale Blick markers.

Trying creative work. A free emotional experience for y'all.

if you like it, my could use some support.

Mon., May 18, 2020 to Wed., May 20, 2020 (with possible extension), I will be attempting a bit of a social media blackout. If you need to reach me urgently, it's okay to message! I am more concerned with my *output* than my *input.*

Thoughty business proceeds as normal - slow.

I'm going live with @natashaence , @JStav_ , and Sarah Lynne Bowman on Twitch to talk about safety and calibration! Come check it out!

Thomas Novosel has a sale going on right now and could use some support! His games, art, and zines are amazing! You've probably seen his work in a bunch of stuff - he's also offering commissions, if you like it! - and it's all available for an unbelievable price right now! Please consider picking it up and tipping heavily to help out a queer creator who is dealing with the fallout of the pandemic like many of the rest of us! :heart:

Ultimate Micro-RPG Book Preorders!

I’ve been honored to be a part of the Ultimate Micro-RPG Book, edited by James D’Amato, which is currently on PREORDER! Preorders are a great way to support the product and the idea if you like it, because it lets big box stores know that there’s demand, so they’ll order more AND it lets the publisher know there’s a market for these kind of badass products! Check it out!

Ten hours left for my Wouldn't It Be Nice? sale to help me recover from the COVID-19 testing and quarantine expenses that are affecting me and mine. Please check out the sale for individual products or the bundle at $40! Turn's PDF is included in the sale!

A new sale on itchio of my games! The Wouldn't It Be Nice? sale hopefully will cover any of my COVID-19 testing costs and related expenses. Wouldn't that be nice? $40 for all my games on PDF!

Runs the length of a quarantine so get it while it's good ;)

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