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Turn is a slice-of-life supernatural roleplaying game about shapeshifters in small towns, who seek balance between their beast & human identity & find community with other shifters and mundanes alike. We're funded but pursuing stretch goals! Check it out:

Ends November 30!

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P.S. Beyond supporting the Thoughty and Leading with Class Patreons above or hiring me, you can tip me at,, or The Thoughty direct tip jar is

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Brief promo:

I'm a designer and editor for RPGs, and I also write about games on I can do

- mechanics design
- setting design
- proofreading
- line editing
- developmental editing
- sensitivity reading/diversity consultation (mental health, physical disability - primarily invisible illnesses), queerness, nonbinary identity)
- basic theory analysis
- interviews on design & industry
- game text product reviews (tip jar)

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My pronouns are they/them or he/him, I'm genderfluid nonbinary masculine, I'm polyamorous and have two partners, and I like Shadowrun a lot.

Currently playing: Shadowrun 3e, D&D 5e, Turn, Turn, Monsterhearts 2

Hopefully that tells you a lot about what you might want to know about me! Please feel free to ask and get to know me, I'm a professional AND a person!


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Hey all! Promo posts!

I run Thoughty at & fund all of the interviews, game design, & articles thru This right now is my only consistent income, & takes a lot of time. Thoughty has over 200 interviews!

I do game design, consulting, & editing, and you can find my work history and rates here: I consult on queerness, disability/chronic pain, gender identity (nonbinary, masculine), and mental illness (bipolar disorder, anxiety, PTSD).


Off to finish up my first paid photoshoot for the Sunshine Dogs!

Description: Brie in a grey sweater.

Does anyone have questions about leadership and games for the Leading with Class stream this week, planned for Wednesday on Twitch? Put them here!

John is partway through the editing for Ethics & Morality, by the way! That'll come out soon.

Check out the if you haven't yet!

Bed buddy Thor capturing my mood of "*grumble* leave me alone."

Description: a brown and black striped cat with a white chest, belly, and paws sleeping.

Reminder that if you've added me and I haven't added back, I might need you to say who you are! Just hard to keep track of everyone some days. :)

I'm not the worst at this Magic thing. There's no real metrics tracking or anything, but I think I've won more than I've lost, which makes me pretty happy (though I think it's a SUPER narrow margin). I like getting the packs because it's like shopping, & the animations are cool!

Off to do some cold photography!

Description: Brie in a grey hoodie and red shirt.

LRT: the best way to support people in their design (or any creative or intellectual endeavour, tbh) is to help an idea to become the fullest expression of itself, not what you feel it should be.

I took this/these shots to make this kinda stereoscopic image recently.

Help, I'm addicted to turning other folks' unerased whiteboard notes into cats.

If you don't want to do charity or do Amazon? TomboyX gift cards, B&H gift cards, direct cash: I am here for it. Just message. I'm not trying to be greedy? I just know some people have money and are happy to spend it on me sometimes, so I'm not gonna fight that, especially while I'm struggling. You know? No one has to gift!

Oh btw, it's always awesome to make a charitable donation in my name - I often support the Trevor Project, various indigenous charities, anything supporting bison or cephalopods, and SPLC.

Consider donating to RAICES if you're more on the charitable route, and also Jewish charities that support their growth and protection.

I'm struggling about turning 31 for some silly reasons, but someone suggested I do an Amazon wishlist to help encourage me to feel excited about it.

I may add to it, and I'm happy to take suggestions if y'all think of something I've mentioned I want but didn't put on here. Rough memory makes it hard sometimes!

I'm also looking for other stuff I should do for my birthday, if anything!

Planning to hop on stream by around 1:15p Eastern for a briefer Leading with Class today. Just going to address a question and anything that comes up in chat and do some live . Please stop by!


Brie plans to stream for about an hour tomorrow! Did you have any questions about leadership and games for them to answer?

John's working on the next episode, btw! We can't wait for you to see it.

finally eased the cringe in this one.

Description: Brie in a black shirt with white stripes on the short sleeves. 3/3

Description: Brie in a black shirt with white stripes on the short sleeves. 2/3

Some selfies in which I couldn't stop looking worried.

I really love this shirt.

Compliments are A+.

Description: Brie in a black shirt with white stripes on the short sleeves. 1/3

We're hoping to fulfill in May! This is first come, first serve, with a preference for those identified by Turn backers in their backer surveys. As of now we're shipping them US and Italy! I think that's the fine print. Thank you!

Want to make more community copies available? Check out our pre-order page for that and copies of the game for yourself!

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