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Brief promo:

I'm a designer and editor for RPGs, and I also write about games on I can do

- mechanics design
- setting design
- proofreading
- line editing
- developmental editing
- sensitivity reading/diversity consultation (mental health, physical disability - primarily invisible illnesses), queerness, nonbinary identity)
- basic theory analysis
- interviews on design & industry
- game text product reviews (tip jar)


Description: Brie in a green tee shirt that says "I play obscure games" and has cats playing Settlers of Catan on it.

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Looks like a lot of my contract work is ending this month. Time to do the thing I struggle with: network and hunt for more freelance work. 😅

If anyone is looking for a copy editor or writer for games or fiction, drop me a line!

So @JohnWSheldon does this thing at the end of the session in Turn where he does like a little snapshot of what's going on in each scene, which is useful to make the moments memorable.

I'm trying to write it down but I don't have John here and I'm reminded I'm hopeless without him!

brie, darkly lit while sitting in a wingback chair, wearing a purple shirt

Just saw a priest in a sweet fancy hat while waiting for the eternally slow elevators. Take me to church, please, if that means getting to the 8th floor.

Sunday afternoon looks.

description: Brie in a blue sweater, leather jacket, and sunglasses.

Got contacts. It's weird.
description: brie in a blue sweater with no glasses

black panther soooon

description: brie in a black and blue black panther shirt

There are some games that seem to require longer sessions to hit the big notes, and I end up burning out midway. I think it's changing how I approach games. I'm evaluating mental load + how long I need to sustain it as my main metric.

I've learned that my max game session most of the time these days is about 3-3.5 hours, and realized that's part of the reason a lot of games don't work for me.

I mean, I can totally handle a session 0 to create characters and then actually play the next session, but that's not as much of the issue as it seems.

why did the orange have to apologize to the grapefruit after making a joke? Show more

description: just brie in a dark grey shirt

dramatic poses in the bathroom because why not

Description: Brie posing against a tile wall, wearing a backwards ballcap with blue and silver hair poking out, and a black and white plaid button down shirt. In one, turned to the side to show their neck tattoo, three infinity symbols in a triangle.

Old plumbing is bad, actually.

(Apparently our personal estimate of $3k was a low-ball one. I'm waiting for the plumber to leave so I can cry.)

Plumber is coming to the house soon. Barely-functioning Brie is quite grumpy.

Description: Brie in a flannel shirt, looking grumpy

End of day.

Had early Valentine's day because I work tomorrow. Steak (woo value pack), cheese, beets, Brussels sprouts, apple, and a Pinot Noir I bought for John before all went to shit.

It was a great meal, and my husband is wonderful.

Description: Brie in a maroon shirt.

Find more work at Thoughty,, like my discussions on power in RPGs and playtesting, my games, and my interviews with designers from all over the games industry!

I've a less tearful ep coming out soon for my little video series about death in RPGs. This is the first ep Let Me Live, & the new one is How To Die. I'll eventually be covering the afterlife.

Supported by

Representing my Alma mater for my BS and soon to be for my MS today, Duquesne University.

(Ignore the bathroom, I just didn't feel like setting anything up in the studio.)

description: brie in a maroon zip up Duquesne University jacket with a black tank top under.