We hope you all had a good week last week while Leading with Class was off for the US holiday.

We're abstaining from streaming this week in support of the strike at Amazon, who also own Twitch. Solidarity with our fellows seeking just and fair employment!

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@briecs Might this be a good time to experiment with distributing something via peer tube then?

@alienghic I'm unfamiliar with peer tube! also sorry, we had a family crisis this week so I've been erratically on various social medias.

@briecs (I hope your family crisis is getting resolved successfully)

Apparently Mastadon is big enough that not everyone sees all the same stuff. (Several of the ActivityPub standards writers were talking about peertube)

PeerTube is an attempt at building a decentralized youtube like thing.

It seemed possibly relevant because you mentioned avoiding Twitch because of an Amazon strike.

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