Hey all! Promo posts!

I run Thoughty at briecs.com & fund all of the interviews, game design, & articles thru Patreon.com/briecs. This right now is my only consistent income, & takes a lot of time. Thoughty has over 200 interviews!

I do game design, consulting, & editing, and you can find my work history and rates here: briecs.com/p/my-work.html. I consult on queerness, disability/chronic pain, gender identity (nonbinary, masculine), and mental illness (bipolar disorder, anxiety, PTSD).


I write, research, present, and help film Leading with Class, a web show teaching leadership using games, with +John W. Sheldon. It's supported by
patreon.com/leadingwithclass. You can see production photos and updates at Instagram.com/leadingwithlclas and twitter.com/leadingwclass. I have a grad degree in leadership & this is my dream way to use it!

Leading with Class can be used in classrooms, workplaces, & personal learning environments.

Check out the summary here: drive.google.com/open?id=11IQF If you want to have me for a workshop (live or virtual), email leadingwithclass at gmail!

I consult on leadership (including developing your organization's mission and values!) & can present workshops on leadership (& games!). I'll be doing one at Big Bad Con this October on Leadership in Games: Not Just for GMs
(bigbadcon.com/events/leadershi)!It's a huge event for me!


Find games I've designed at briecs.itch.io including Let Me Take a Selfie, I love you and I adore you (a queer love letter writing game), and Behrend Bernhard, Esq. (a performative party game). LMTaS is also on IPR & DriveThruRPG!

You can also look on DriveThruRPG for Of the Woods: Lonely Games of Imagination, a collection I contributed to & curated from great creators. (link: drivethrurpg.com/product/20982) The proceeds go to the Trevor Project to support queer youth. Fun games, good cause!


I just finished my first Kickstarter & we're in the design phase! Behind the Masc is a zine reenvisioning masculinity through the eyes of non-cis masc people. ( kickstarter.com/projects/briec) We're super excited about it & I can't wait to share it!

I'm planning to Kickstart my game Turn, a slice of life supernatural game about shapeshifters in small towns (in beta at tinyurl.com/turn-rpg-beta-2018), this fall (Oct 31 is the planned date). I have Brennan Taylor helping me run it, so I'm very excited!


I'm also on Twitter as briecs and Google+ as Brie Sheldon, Instagram as instabriecs, plus I use tumblr under your-eyes-touch-me-physically AND as thatlittleitch for my horror erotica.


If you want to be interviewed for Thoughty, follow the instructions on the contact page: briecs.com/p/contact.html

My interviews are via email!


My pronouns are they/them or he/him, I'm genderfluid nonbinary masculine, I'm polyamorous and have two partners, and I like Shadowrun a lot.

Currently playing: Shadowrun 3e, D&D 5e, Turn, Turn, Monsterhearts 2

Hopefully that tells you a lot about what you might want to know about me! Please feel free to ask and get to know me, I'm a professional AND a person!



P.S. Beyond supporting the Thoughty and Leading with Class Patreons above or hiring me, you can tip me at PayPal.me/briecs, cash.me/briecs, or ko-fi.com/briecs. The Thoughty direct tip jar is PayPal.me/thoughty.

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