I tweeted about a new type of stream I wanted to do: twitter.com/ThoughtyGames/stat

I wanna do a once-a-week brief stream where I take submissions for recognition in games, for anything, from good RP to releasing a game to anything else, Basically I want to make a form where people send in requests for recognizing their friends and colleagues, & announce them.


Part of why I want to do this is because I follow a lot of loadingreadyrun stuff incl BengineeringTV a& I also follow Tanya DePass, and I've realized one of my favorite parts of their streams (as a kind of lonely person at times, f2f wise) is hearing them say "hey, BrieBeau!"

And it got me thinking, a LOT of us are alone, working by ourselves at home every day. How nice would it be to have someone say out loud, "Hey (name), you did a great job at game this week!" and have it recorded, replayable, and able to be shared? How awesome would it be?

Not to mention, as someone changing names, hearing someone say "Hey Beau!" has been truly magical and vital for me, when I am struggling very hard to feel like a real person. And the game industry SERIOUSLY lacks recognition, especially when it's not something we pay into.

This is something I'm thinking of starting over the next month, and I'd like your input on how best to collect people's submissions (is a Google form okay? a contact page?), and any feels on the format. I will ask that submissions are only done with permission, because consent.

Does this sound good to anyone? Would you want to hear a little announcement of recognition read about you or a friend or colleague? Tell me your thoughts! <3

@briecs I can't say that I'd be jumping to submit entries, but I love the idea of this being A Thing.

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