Let it be known that limitations on what you can include in a game in regards to inclusivity are self-imposed 90% of the time and you can 100% change that shit.

@briecs my response process to people championing such limitations is always:

1) well thought-out rebuttal using my anthropological qualifications to be like "um actually the world has always been more diverse than you think"

2) it's fiction, Greg, it can be however you imagine it

3) also fuck you

@gamesfromthewildwood haha :D I have legit heard people saying that character sheet layout is preventing them from including diverse character options and I am like... dude, hire a better layout artist. I'm sorry. You control how your game looks!

@briecs ...I'm sorry, that is legit one of the stupidest things I have ever heard. it doesn't need to fit on a character sheet, you could even do a D&D 5E / Mage20 / Dreaming Avalon approach and put a section about diversity of characters in the main text???? lame excuse, try harder.

@gamesfromthewildwood RIGHT? I just stare at stuff like that in bewilderment. How is that a conclusion ever reached? "It doesn't fit on the character sheet so we can't do it" like what the hell.

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