RPG designers, in the next 10min, can you tell me why players can die in 1 of your games, with permission for me to quote you in a video?

"characters" can die

I mean, people can too

but oh fucksake. How can characters die in your roleplaying game you designed, please?

@briecs Characters leave *Roar of Alliance* when they use their last Motivation. It can represent character death, but it doesn't have to (it could be an injury or a psychological trauma that makes the character unable to continue).

@briecs From an outside perspective, it gives players a way to generate big dramatic moments with their Last Stand, a way to leave a game generously when their investment wanes, and generates character turnover productively.

@briecs Dying in a duel, dying in a fight, either of those but with a fairy, not technically dead but stolen into fairyland forever.

@briecs Are you looking for the reverse perspective: how characters shouldn't die in the game that I'm designing?

@craigmaloney I'd be happy to hear that also! May hold onto it for a future video, but could fit it in potentially.

@briecs The game I'm designing is in the world of Pepper&Carrot ( One of the schools is "Zombiah", which has the ability to resurrect folks. The backstory is that Pepper's Godmothers were involved in a great war between all of the schools and their deaths brought about an imbalance in magic. They were brought back to restore balance in the magical world.

So there's the "we have a school that is devoted to restoring folks should they die".


@briecs But even with that the game that I'm designing is also not focused on combat and choices that would result in character death. I'm working with Fate Accelerated and I'm going to lean heavily on making characters wounded or "taken out" temporarily. So there will be consequences but nothing of the sort where a character dies.

Part of that is because I'm aiming this game at family / younger play, but also that death doesn't seem like a consequence that I want the players to experience.

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