Going live now at twitch.tv/briebeau to talk about Friday Hi-Day Highlights! Come join in and hear what's up!

Hey, just a reminder that on Thoughty I'm doing the Friday Hi-Day to recognize people in games! Have a friend running a KS, releasing a game, or just being an awesome roleplayer? Put their name in (w/permission) & I'll recognize them Friday!
So far we have no entries, and I'd love to just have a few! <3 This is open until the end of July, and I'll be doing weekly recognition if I get submissions.

My partner Thomas Novosel has and related materials (including a game I wrote in Monster Butts 2) here at his site: thomasnovosel.bigcartel.com/ They're super amazing! Check them out and share!

There's a backer's only update on the Turn Kickstarter! It's a PDF INTERIOR PREVIEW - just a little more work to go tidying up and adding some little artsy bits! kickstarter.com/projects/briec

I released a new game! In Other Lives is a game you can play by yourself, or with friends, as you tell stories about the tourists that pass you by in public! briebeau.itch.io/in-other-live

We're doing this to normalize fairer prices in RPGs & to help connect us with other designers & promote each other! It's just a little step, but hopefully it's one you'll consider joining. If people just go directly to your site, the regular prices remain, so access is there.

Wanna hear something nice? My products are on reverse sale 69% increase to help pay my bills! Each project is on reverse sale & there's a $69 bundle! briebeau.itch.io/69morerpgs Check out thomasanovosel.itch.io/69morer too!

If you wanna participate in the sale, you can set up a sale on itchio too - use the coupon code 69morerpgs & set your sale REVERSED for 69%! When you do, share it & tag me - I'll add you to the big collection on itchio itch.io/c/532628/69morerpgs & share your sale!

Our goal is to have 69 creators at the same time doing the sale to help share some support! Spread the love!

If you join the fray, tag me & I can add you to the collections on our pages! If you can't afford sale prices, go to briebeau.itch.io or thomasnovosel.itch.io directly or refresh cookies after clicking sales link to get you back to them!

I set up a long-term sale at itch! All my products are on reverse sale 69% increase to help support my medical expenses. It pays my bills! Each project is on reverse sale, & there's also a $69 bundle! briebeau.itch.io/69morerpgs

Check out thomasanovosel.itch.io too!

Other RPG creators should also create a coupon reverse sale for their games using the code 69morerpgs, pricing the reverse sale at 69% increase!

Thomas put up a really cool creature on his blog, a Black Ocean, which is TERRIFYING and I LOVE IT. thomas-novosel.com/2019/05/12/

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