@MoeT hey Mo, how would I go about adding Patreon.com/leadingwithclass to that list with "Brie Beau and John Sheldon" as creators, and correct the Thoughty one to read Brie Beau Sheldon? I haven't done the legal name change yet but that's my official changed name.

Support Tabletop Content Creators!

Here is a huge list of tabletop gaming content creators all looking for support!


The Murkborn Emperor, whose very touch corrupts, coming soon(tm) to a tabletop game near you.

My favorite session of was Whitney Delaglio's Prism. Lots of designers and world-builders are technicians. Whitney is an artist. She's been doing her Prism comic for years and when you play the Prism game it's clear the world she made is super personal to her.

Leading with Class stream probably happening close to 2p-230p Eastern! twitch.tv/briebeau

Bragi is fluffy! He's wondering, do you have any questions for Wednesday's Leading with Class stream? Reply here or send them to leadingwithclass at gmail, OR post them at our patreon.com/Leadingwithclass. Maybe subscribe to our YouTube while you're there (just click thru on a video!)!

New post on Thoughty - Revealed in Turnhttp://briebeau.com/thoughty/2019/03/revealed-in-turn/

Check out my Tax Time Tuesday-to-Tuesday Reverse Sale to help with tax season expenses!

The Leading with Class stream for tonight unfortunately is canceled. Brie is still awake & doesn't think they'll be functional by 7pm, so we're going to play it safe & get some rest. You can always comment questions here, on Twitter, on Instagram, on Patreon, & at leadingwithclass at Gmail!

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