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My new game Beep is live on for your purchase and sharing! It's inspired by the and the loss of Opportunity, as well as my own disability. Check it out!

Turn's Kickstarter provided us with many copies of Turn to give out to individuals & organizations that support marginalized people! Complete this form to enter to receive a copy when it is printed!

Turn "Bison" Community Copy Marginalized Recipient Form

Check out Turn here:

Leading with Class toot:
Brie is still fighting a migraine but wants to stick to the new streaming schedule. They'll be doing a half hour stream at 12:00p Eastern at and working on the Followership episode exercise, plus seeking your input to answer a follower question!

Bragi wants to know if you have any questions for this week's stream on Wednesday at lunchtime. Reply here if you have one and Brie will address it on stream!
Make sure to check out the Patreon for our YouTube channel!

Script Change Changes, Reflection

Get Script Change at

Support the Thoughty Patreon!

Leading with Class streams will now be the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month! On the first Wednesday it'll be during the day, & on the third Wednesday, in the evening!

If you want to watch something new, we just released an episode up free to watch at!

I took these earlier when I was feeling okay. Compliments = nice.

Obligatory in the salon selfie because it's really cold!

A drawing I did today!

An inked drawing of a black mass of clouds surrounding a moon, and a beast that's like an elk-dog hybrid jumping in front of it. The handwritten text reads "Moon-Jumpers are an otherworldly species that travel from planet to planet by jumping between moons. They are s
vibrant blue and 'see' with senses in their horns, because they have no eyes."

A gift box with a fancy bow in inks and a pretty red flower in watercolor, by me today. :)

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