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This is an article on how to play a role-playing game as a character from another ethnicity or culture. Don't make me regret it.

My kids (in the US) hold a weekly Skype call with my wife's aunt (in the UK). They used to tell collaborative stories (they called them "expeditions"). And they recently switched to playing RPGs. I just learned they started an campaign! It's the first RPG they've played that I have not.

Sent out the reminder for my kids' RPG group and one of the parents responded "Looking forward to it!"

🤔 Is the kid looking forward to it?
😆 Is the parent looking forward to some free babysitting?

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Me: Why are 30-minute back-to-back stakeholder interviews so exhausting?

Also me: You're an introvert.

If you're as interested in words as I am, and I know you are, then you'll like this blog post:

We're ramping up a Coriolis campaign for my regular group and we did a "session one-half" this weekend. Our GM adapted Cortex Plus' lifepath mapping system to Coriolis, so we could establish relationships and backstories. Worked beautifully!

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Lazy web: Your best resources/ideas for co-DMing D&D?

My 12yo started a campaign earlier this year, and ran into (a) more kids showing up than we planned and (b) dealing with difficult personalities. It was stressful and not fun for him, albeit a good lesson. One strategy for moving forward would be to have him co-DM with another kid in the group. I've never done this before. Have you? What works?

I've been a designer (of digital products) for a long time. Designing a tabletop game is like wearing familiar clothes backwards. You know how everything works, it just feels a little more uncomfortable.

Today's (not-so-)revelation: Design is as much about what's NOT there as what is there.

Starting the year off right: Play test!

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Bad news: I was tagged in to a thread with some of my least favorite people to talk D&D/DW.

Good news: Because people were wrong on the internet I migrated some 8 year old posts on D&D and AW-style Principles and now you get to read them.

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My company closes between Xmas and New Year's.

Last year I did a writing challenge and wrote 15000 words on a story I'll probably never pick up again.

This break, I'm going to focus on my game.

For fiction, word count is a reasonable barometer of progress.

What metric would you use to measure progress in a game design?

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GMed a session of Coriolis with my kids group today. Much chaos. My son had a good time, though, which is my main barometer of success.

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