there's about 175 hacks of Lasers and Feelings (by @johnharper) out there.

But we may never run out of them, because a Laser&Feelings Jam has just been launched today:

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@brunobord @johnharper As someone in the "I keep hearing about it but haven't played yet" camp, I really liked this talk-through of L&F by James Ryan

It was like one of those expanded diagrams of a machine that helps you understand how the whole thing works and why it's so good.
#indiegame #gamedesign

@ourmagic @johnharper I've been lucky enough to play L&F twice, and play as a GM once and it was a blast. Oddly, I've never played any of its hack.

If you can find a group of players ready to dive in, don't hesitate!

@brunobord @johnharper egads! Another jam I want to enter but probably don't have time for! Why do people keep doing this to me? 😂

@brunobord @johnharper This is actually perfectly timed! I was just going through my TTRPG folder yesterday and today organizing it, and I created a new folder for all Lasers and Feelings hacks!

@cashmaster @johnharper yes, there are so many of them... And wait for it, there might be more! 😜

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